Final Fantasy XI plans to allow race changes in the future as the second Vana’bout continues successfully


The target for all players to hit with the second incarnation of the Vana’bout event in Final Fantasy XI was 4 million plaudits. As of this writing, the total is at 33 million. So it’s safe to say that the second event was a success, and the event is still running until May 30th. That means you can still earn more plaudits and exchange them for reward items ranging from Ethereal weapons to straight-up rewards of Job Points. Who doesn’t like getting more stuff?

It’s clear that the game’s producer and director, Yoji Fujito, knows players like more stuff, which is why one of his big announcements is the addition of a new item allowing you to change your character’s race after creation. That might seem rather trivial, but all of this time if you chose a mithra instead of an elvaan you’ve been unable to change. Fujito’s letter also addresses the game as a whole and how the team has still been dedicated to giving players fun new experiences even with a reduction in size and scope. It’s well worth a read if you’ve enjoyed your 22 years in Vana’diel.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)
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