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I vant you to keel tunnel moose.

Vague Patch Notes: The day I deleted a character in anger in Final Fantasy XI

Today, I'd like to tell you about how your characters in MMOs aren't real, and you know that, but I want you to think...

Wisdom of Nym: The franchise references for monsters in Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV has no shortage of references to prior series enemies, but as with so many things, lots of those references are not...
Oddly beautiful.

The MOP Up: Aion, Lineage 2, and Blade and Soul get ready for a new launcher

Blade and Soul, Lineage II, and Aion are all preparing to migrate everyone from the old launcher to the new PLAYNC platform. NCsoft posted...
They're friends.

Final Fantasy XI adds a new Master Trial against the guardians of Adoulin

The next major Final Fantasy XI patch will not actually involve going to war against a month, but it certainly sounds like it will....

Vague Patch Notes: MMORPGs and the PC gaming market

I find myself thinking a lot about the MMORPG industry lately and the ways in which the gaming industry as a whole has changed...
This is the face of giving a damn.

Final Fantasy XI’s Valentione’s Day arrives once more with bird mating

Once again, Final Fantasy XI will spend its Valentione's Day celebrating that which matters most: bird mating. Yes, as always, the annual Valentine's Day...
I used to float; now I just fall down.

Wisdom of Nym: The franchise references in the world of Final Fantasy XIV

There's a fan theory circulating that Final Fantasy XIV is the nexus of the franchise multiverse. Essentially, the idea is that Hydaelyn and Zodiark...
Voyage onward.

Wisdom of Nym: The franchise references for jobs in Final Fantasy XIV

There is not a single game in the history of the franchise that has not been referenced in some capacity by Final Fantasy XIV....

Massively Overthinking: The slowest and fastest combat in MMORPGs

During a recent podcast discussion about City of Heroes' official revival, the MOP writers were talking about its combat, which - let's be honest...
I'm sad!

Final Fantasy XI’s latest version update accounts for the Vana’Bout event with some apologies

The preview of the January update for Final Fantasy XI comes with an apology. No, not for the size of the update; by this...
Forever and ever.

End-of-Year Eleven: The MMOs with the most uncertain futures in 2024

As I say every single year and several people ignore every single year: This is not a column about the games that are most...
There is another shore, you know.

Final Fantasy XIV Tokyo Fan Festival: Pictomancer, lady Hrothgar, and release ambiguity

If you had been paying attention and looking forward to Final Fantasy XIV's third and final fan festival ahead of Dawntrail, you probably had...
The look.

Vague Patch Notes: MMOs are still just games you rent

When I was a teenager, I accidentally stole a few games from a video rental place. You might wonder how you accidentally steal something,...
Hush up.

Final Fantasy XI’s producer and director confirms that 2024 will feature fewer content updates

The amazingly active maintenance mode that included an entirely new storyline appears to be quietly ending for Final Fantasy XI. Producer and director Yoji...
Mumor has looked better.

Vague Patch Notes: It’s never cheating in MMOs when you do it

My friend from Final Fantasy XI was, understandably, upset. He had just been suspended for a week, and he had been warned that continued...
This is some Michael Bay contrast.

Wisdom of Nym: What I definitely do not want to see in Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail

We don't have very long left to go before the next Final Fantasy XIV fan festival; there's even a countdown clock on the official...
Oh no, a MOTH

Vague Patch Notes: What you can’t forget in MMOs

Years ago, I had a relationship with someone I met in Final Fantasy XI. It wasn't a good or solid relationship by any stretch...
It's the same basic bench.

Final Fantasy XI’s holiday Starlight Celebration runs December 15-31

The time has come once again for Final Fantasy XI's adventurers to celebrate the Starlight season from December 15th through December 31st, and as...
I'm sad!

Final Fantasy XI plans a challenge event for the community in December as part of its patch

To just look at the list breakdown of the content being added for Final Fantasy XI's December patch - the last one of the...
Never seen a bluer sky.

Wisdom of Nym: Why Final Fantasy XIV’s next limited job is (probably) not Pictomancer or Green Mage

Despite the fact that it is not coming out until significantly later, I'm willing to bet that a large part of the work for...