Final Fantasy XI rolls out a new version update with new commands, new icons, and a new shield


For far too long, Final Fantasy XI has suffered from the fact that you can log into the game and not be immediately granted a shield upon doing so. What if you needed a shield? So it’s nice to know the game’s most recent version update gives you an Ark Shield just for logging in. No, really, you get one just dropped into your inventory so long as you log in between now and the next version update in July. But you only get this special (primarily cosmetic) shield once, so don’t try logging in again after throwing the first one on the ground on the basis of finding some Infinite Shield Glitch.

Aside from air-dropping shields, the version update adds an icon to Rare/EX items you can send to your alts, opens up additional options to hide or display names over the heads of other players, and returns Cornelia’s alter ego to player rosters between now and the December version update. There are also new monthly objectives in Records of Eminence and new Amubuscade opponents, although neither involve the sudden divine intervention of shield distribution. What? It’s a nice shield.

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