final fantasy xi

Official Site: Final Fantasy XI
Studio: Square Enix
Launch Date: May 16, 2002 (in de facto maintenance mode as of November 10, 2015)
Genre: Fantasy Themepark
Business Model: Subscription
Platform: PC, PS2, Xbox 360

Doom approaches.

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Massively Overthinking: The first 10 minutes of an MMO

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Forty-six & 2

Wisdom of Nym: Speculating on Final Fantasy XIV’s YoRHa raid

When we got the Return to Ivalice and Crystal Tower raid series in Final Fantasy XIV, it was very obvious where they were...
Wrong turtle!

Final Fantasy XI’s newest login campaign offers three special limited items

Do you need to ride on a turtle in Final Fantasy XI? Do you need to place a fake treasure chest in your...

Final Fantasy XI’s August update has more job adjustments along with new Ambuscade instances and battles

Here's a change that will no doubt make players of Final Fantasy XI happy on multiple levels with the newest version update:...
Hey, it's okay.

Final Fantasy XI fires up a welcome back campaign for its summer celebrations

If it's been a while since you last stepped into Final Fantasy XI's Vana'diel, the developers would certainly like you to stop back...
Yes, you all meet in a tavern.

Perfect Ten: Why people create alts in MMOs

I have alts in Final Fantasy XIV. This is absurd for two reasons. First, the statement makes it clear that I have alternate...
Returns of at least moderate happiness.

Final Fantasy XI plans for Red Mage and Puppetmaster adjustments in its August version update

The many job adjustments of Final Fantasy XI are wrapping up when the game's August version update rolls around with a last...
Go pew.

Vague Patch Notes: Keeping it simple, oversimplification, and MMO design

People who have read my work for a while know that I really like tabletop roleplaying, and I have copies of two of my...
Guess who's back. Back again.

Perfect Ten: How Final Fantasy XI shaped my MMO preferences forever

Your first experience with something has an outsized importance. This feels like one of those statements people really want to argue with sometimes but...
Bored, huh?

Vague Patch Notes: Why live MMOs struggle to onboard new players

There are, at the time I write this, two basic approaches for getting new players up to speed in existing MMOs. Both of them...

Check out this fan-made version of Final Fantasy XI… for the GameBoy

If you're really tired of waiting for the mobile version of Final Fantasy XI, perhaps you're willing to go a bit more low-tech...
fite me

Final Fantasy XI patches in Ninja changes and a Cait Sith battlefield

The latest version update for Final Fantasy XI has arrived, and as always it brings with it new things to fight. Sure,...
Wrong turtle!

Final Fantasy XI offers up a new login campaign with a non-functional chest

If you have a deep Pavlovian response to seeing chests in Final Fantasy XI, the marquee reward from the game's latest login...
Normal dog.

Final Fantasy XI’s next version update is rolling back White Mage changes while updating Ninja

It turns out that a lot of people were unhappy with the changes made to White Mages in the most recent Final Fantasy...

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A bunny must jump.

Final Fantasy XIV offers a Shadowbringers-themed physical security token

Do you love having an authenticator but hate putting it on your phone? Because the Square-Enix account authenticator is coming back, but now...

Final Fantasy XI offers up a new spear for its June login campaign

As is the case every month in Final Fantasy XI, there's a new set of rewards for logging into the game starting on June...
It's not exactly a spell in the traditional sense.

Final Fantasy XI is making Black Mage tweaks in the June version update

No longer will Black Mages be forced to use Merit Points in order to learn the second tier of Ancient Magic spells. That's one...
You cannot destroy my destiny.

Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers tour: The magical DPS

Unlike with the melee DPS, magical ranged damage actually had one of its members that changed a whole lot. Hooray! But the other two...