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Vague Patch Notes: A look back at my start in Final Fantasy XI, many years later

It is the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy XI this week. Not the 20th anniversary of the game being in the US, and thus...

Choose My Adventure: Some classic mission running in the City of Heroes Rebirth rogue server

So yes, it would appear that missions are indeed the most rewarding thing to do in City of Heroes: Rebirth. That would probably be the...
We still care.

Final Fantasy XI welcomes its 20-year anniversary today

As of today, it's been two decades since Final Fantasy XI first launched in Japan, which makes this a pretty notable anniversary for the...
Almost tangible. Again.

Massively Overthinking: If you could change one thing about an MMO…

Back in April, MOP's Colin posed us an interesting challenge on the MOP Podcast: change one thing about an MMO you don't like that...
Do you hear what I hear?

Final Fantasy XI releases its May version update and unveils a new event

The new May update for Final Fantasy XI has arrived, and you have to go help out Maat. Sure, the guy had been a...
Ram moo

Final Fantasy XI prepares a variety of appreciation campaigns for players starting on Wednesday

The 20-year birthday for Final Fantasy XI is coming up really soon, with May 16th marking the date. And as is expected for any sort of...

Choose My Adventure: Final Fantasy XI’s PlayOnline decides to not let me play online

This was not how I was expecting to return to Final Fantasy XI. I always knew about the completely goofball account system that is...

Final Fantasy XI outlines its May update for its 20-year anniversary month

Oh boy! Can you believe that May is the 20th anniversary for Final Fantasy XI? That's a big milestone, and it deserves a big celebration,...
Over and over again.

Final Fantasy XIV’s collaboration event with Final Fantasy XI is live today

At this point, Final Fantasy XIV has crossed over with most of the games in the franchise. You might be wondering where the crossovers were...
Trying to find a hammer.

Wisdom of Nym: First impressions of Final Fantasy XIV Newfound Adventure’s content

I'm not going to lie: I don't like having to wait for my tribal quests. I recognize that might seem more than a little...

Massively Overthinking: Which MMO suffers from the most useless housing system?

A few weeks ago, I was showing my seven-year-old around Villagers and Heroes, and she wanted to get herself a house. I warned her...
You are boring and your stuff is boring.

Final Fantasy XI adds more Voracious Resurgence with its April version update

One thing that almost no Final Fantasy XI player would say at this point is that the game has a dearth of content related to...
Pet action.

Final Fantasy XI plans for more story and new gear in its April version update

The next version update for Final Fantasy XI is bringing in some new story for players. That's not exactly a surprise; if you've been paying...

Massively Overthinking: How long should MMO expansions be?

Star Wars The Old Republic's Legacy of the Sith struggled for many reasons, but the one I've seen echoed over and over is that...
It's a tiny little sprout thing. It might kill you.

Final Fantasy XI looks back at developing the story for its three nation-states at launch

It might be easy to forget with another Square-Enix MMORPG being everyone's focus in the storytelling department, but Final Fantasy XI has been doing the...
That's not a doll, guy.

Final Fantasy XI is planning a crossover with Granblue Fantasy in May

So here's an odd promotional crossover we missed when it was first announced. You know Granblue Fantasy? Big gacha game, done quite well for...

Final Fantasy XI brings back its Final Fantasy XIV crossover event on March 22

Final Fantasy XI players can have a little bit of Final Fantasy XIV in their game, too. As a treat. Yes, it's the crossover collaboration...
We still care.

Square-Enix opens up a free YouTube repository for all the Final Fantasy soundtracks

It's always been a little contentious when you try to listen to Square-Enix music on YouTube. The short version is that Square-Enix has been...

Final Fantasy XI updates for March with more Ambuscade content and more Crawler’s Nest grinding

Anyone who has played Final Fantasy XI for a long enough period of time probably remembers grinding enemies in Crawler's Nest for experience. It was...

Final Fantasy XI rolls out more Ambuscade content while delaying Voracious Resurgence story beats for March

Here's the bad news for the March version update for Final Fantasy XI: It's missing its headline feature this time around. The plan was to continue...