Final Fantasy XI’s June update adds icons for shared exclusive items and new Ambuscade objectives


It’s a well-known fact among Final Fantasy XI players that any item tagged with EX cannot be traded to other players. But some items can be transferred to other characters on the same account, such as the second storage characters many players have. So how can you know which items can be transferred? Well, you had to check a list… but the game’s June version update will add an icon to these items, allowing you to just know at a glance if you can send items across your account.

Players will also be pitted against new Ambuscade challenges with Sahagin and Hecteyes, and there’s going to be a new set of options for hiding the names of other players (for streaming or screenshot purposes). The preview also notes the significant success of the latest round of Vana’bout, ultimately clearing 1000% of the objectives (no, that’s not a typo; it was ten times the goal). Check out the full preview for the next patch on the official site.

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