Final Fantasy XI’s developers talk about the process of creating the Voracious Resurgence

Bad dudes.

The Voracious Resurgence was already the post-coda story content for Final Fantasy XI. After the game had already received its last story update, we were getting more additional story after all. So how did it come about? What was the goal? A new interview with the team behind the addition gives some insight into how it began – and it all started with a simple quest to give players access to another Avatar to summon, Siren.

Siren had originally been planned for an earlier implementation, but she got put on the back burner; however, when she was finished and added to the game, the team considered adding additional stories throughout the game world. But player response made it clear how much players wanted much more, which led to the team putting together the full Voracious Resurgence as a new story that covered concepts like the barely explained Galkan cycle of resurrection that had always been important but never fully explored.

If you enjoyed the content or never happened to see it but are still curious, check out the full interview for a peek at everything from major story beats to the mechanical implementation.

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