Bad dudes.

Final Fantasy XI’s developers talk about the process of creating the Voracious Resurgence

The Voracious Resurgence was already the post-coda story content for Final Fantasy XI. After the game had already received its last story update, we...
Real enough.

Storyboard: When is an MMO story ‘real’?

So we've had some fun with talking about MMO stories that are player-driven and MMO stories that are pre-scripted. Both of them have advantages...
Oh snaps.

World of Warcraft quietly removed all of its Torghast 9.0 questline with patch 9.1.0

It seems like basically no one was happy with the plotline that stretched through Torghast in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. This is not an indefensible...

The Daily Grind: Are MMORPGs better off without stories?

Last week, Massively OP community veteran BalsBigBrother pointed out -- rightly! -- that while Trove is amusing, it's very much lacking in prepared story or...

EVE Evolved: Making stories with friends in EVE Online

It's one of the more peculiar laws of the universe that when enough EVE Online players meet in the real world, they absolutely must swap stories. You...

WoW Factor: Assessing the zones of WoW Legion’s Broken Isles

I've now made my way through all of the zones in World of Warcraft: Legion twice. There's something to be written about that, which...
The magical man from happyland.

Allods Online teases a story and a raid with its next update

The next patch for Allods Online will lead players to the Winter Palace, which sounds like a lovely vacation spot. It brings to mind...
Not surprising, still sad.

A day in the life of a Revival hunter

While the first pass of renovation kit revisions are in the bag, the most recent entry on Revival's site isn't really about that. Nor...
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How Star Wars: The Old Republic’s class stories were made

The Knights of the Fallen Empire storyline means that the player characters of Star Wars: The Old Republic have come a long way from...

EVE Evolved: Is EVE becoming less emergent?

I've often heard it said that EVE Online is more fun to read about than to actually play, and for the vast majority of...

The Game Archaeologist: Ten more facts of EverQuest life circa 1999

A couple of weeks ago I shared with you several stories from EverQuest veterans about what life in the game was like back then....

The Game Archaeologist: Ten facts of EverQuest life circa 1999

MMOs change. We know that, but we also tend to forget it as well. The games that we play today can often be light-years...