World of Warcraft quietly removed all of its Torghast 9.0 questline with patch 9.1.0

Oh snaps.

It seems like basically no one was happy with the plotline that stretched through Torghast inĀ World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. This is not an indefensible point of view, since it featured several characters acting in wildly inconsistent fashions and was more of the much-reviled Sylvanas plot. But at least you could see it, which means that it appears the developers have actually made things worse by quietly excising the whole quest line in 9.1.0 without letting anyone know.

Reddit user Lenestar noted that the quests appeared to all be marked as complete despite the player’s not having done them, meaning that the game’s plot now skips directly to the conclusion of the quests (with people rescued and Anduin in the thrall of the Jailer) with no option to actually see the quests in sequence. As this is an undocumented change, there’s no reason given, but it does mean that the story appears to have gone from being merely unsatisfying and bad to also being impossible to follow.

Source: Reddit via Dexerto
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