Amazon deep-dives New World’s baddies and examines corruption as a sentient force

Another episode of New World's Forged in Aeternum has arrived, this one helmed by Amazon narrative director Rob Chestney, lore master Aaron de Orive,...

Ship of Heroes’ ‘bright and positive’ setting masks mysteries to uncover

While most people seem fixated on the fact that Ship of Heroes is an unapologetic spiritual successor to City of Heroes, what tends to...

New World weaves a story surrounding its recently added characters

When New World (eventually) released its Fellowship and Fire update, it added a new quest line that focused on several new characters and Grace...
Real enough.

Storyboard: When is an MMO story ‘real’?

So we've had some fun with talking about MMO stories that are player-driven and MMO stories that are pre-scripted. Both of them have advantages...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO’s lore makes your eyes glaze over?

Earlier this week, Blizzard posted up a brief in-universe timeline of the Diablo IP's storyline, and in spite of my having played these games,...

World of Warcraft previews the multiple variants of Orc and Human heritage armor coming with 10.0.7

While World of Warcraft is not a game lacking in playable races by any stretch of the imagination, Orcs and Humans are the two...

New World plots an event to take down evil Roman bosses starting February 21

New World may not have run a Valentine's Day-themed event, but if that means we get an in-lore event later this month instead, we're...

New World’s devs deep dive the creation of the game’s lore

Lore! Huh! Good God, y'all, what is it good for? Exploring the reasons behind New World's quests and setting (say it again)! Yes, it's...
And listen.

World of Warcraft looks deeper behind the scenes of Veritistrasz’s quest

It's a bit of a shame that one of the most emotionally engaging quests in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is one of the expansion's...

Wisdom of Nym: Impressions of Final Fantasy XIV Gods Revel, Lands Tremble’s story beats

Considering how I've had to spend my last week and change, I am really glad that this patch hit when it did. I wouldn't...
Tales of loss, and fire, and faith.

Final Fantasy XIV’s Natsuko Ishikawa discusses how the pandemic influenced Endwalker’s story

It's been just about a year since Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker released. How's everyone doing with that story emotionally? Still crying uncontrollably when you...
Jingle bells, I'm a cop.

Dark Age of Camelot celebrates the Midwinter Festival once more

The true meaning of Christmas in Dark Age of Camelot is that you stop fighting over a castle for like five minutes to have...
You knew this image was going to show up at some point during these articles. Be thankful it only happened at the end.

World of Warcraft’s lead narrative designer Steve Danuser tries to clarify Titan waters affecting dragon whelps

As of this writing, World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is not yet available for players, but already some of the new lore for the expansion...

Neverwinter offers a Drow-related reward for players along with an interview for The Way of the Drow

Do you want some Drow? Neverwinter has plenty of Drow. The Way of the Drow is going to provide you with all the Drow...
Breathe a zap.

World of Warcraft covers more of the Dracthyr history with the latest installment of Legacies

So we've had a tour through draconic history in World of Warcraft over the first couple of installments of the Legacies animated shorts. But...
At least the graphics here are all right.

RuneScape previews new nature-loving druids for you to help and/or rob incessantly

Remember defeating the Elder Gods in Gielinor? It turns out that this means nature is healing in RuneScape, and it is in fact healing...
Have a thing.

The Daily Grind: What’s an MMO setting you consider yourself very invested in?

I've mentioned before in various contexts that I don't really have a strong emotional attachment to Middle-earth, but I can't really fault the people...
World Orlando Fontaine Warcraft, as always, is contractually obligated to show up here.

The Daily Grind: Who’s your favorite leader in an MMO world?

Everyone likes a dashing leader in the MMO space, but a lot of times those leaders aren't very good at, well, leading. Bree and...
You just... keep doing your thing, Strong Mad.

World of Warcraft launches the first chapter of the Legacies animated shorts

If you don't like dragons, hoo boy, you are not going to be super psyched about World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. But you are also...
No king etc.

World of Warcraft offers a closer look at Arthas Menethil from the perspective of Jaina Proudmoore

What do you know about Arthas Menethil, also known as the Lich King, also known as that former paladin who runs the roost in...