Overwatch shares Baptiste short story and a dev video on its replay system

While players of Overwatch have likely gotten their heads around Baptiste as a playable character, and we've all gotten
The other side.

Wisdom of Nym: Examining the shocker last line from Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers’ trailer

Oh dang. I had expected to learn some new things about Shadowbringers this week, maybe the lyrics to the theme song (what I hear doesn't appear...

Flameseeker Chronicles: Speculation on Guild Wars 2’s gods and dragons

Let's just note upfront that this edition of Flameseeker Chronicles will have lots of Guild Wars 2 spoilers, including but not limited to the recent Living World S3E6 War Eternal. Also, wild speculation that may well be completely wrong. You have been warned!
Forget it, back to the last place.

E3 2019: The Division 2 heads back to New York for third DLC, plus Uplay and movie updates

It seems a little odd that The Division 2 sends us down to Washington, DC when our actual main antagonist heads right back...

There are story hints on display in the latest Monster Hunter World: Iceborne trailer

Players eagerly anticipating new things to hunt and new places to hunt them will no doubt be glued to the monitor for the latest 
Build a little dark-house in your soul.

‘Throne war’ MMO Crowfall explains the art of its visual storytelling

Most of the active storytelling you're going to get in Crowfall is going to be done and explained by the premise of the game...
Red means dead.

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood in review – leveling content

One of the things that I really do love about Final Fantasy XIV, from relaunch to now, is that it is indisputably a game...

Star Trek Online sets the stage for Rise of Discovery’s first act with a new lore snippet

The next chapter of Star Trek Online's Age of Discovery storyline is about to unfold with the release of the first installment in...

Ship of Heroes’ signature hero Sword Blossom takes the spotlight in the latest newsletter

This past weekend marked the 15th anniversary of the venerable City of Heroes, and amidst all the hullabaloo about rogue servers (the...
Well, we got something right!

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood in review – side stories, part one

Those of you who don't remember the last time I did this particular column series (which is understandable, it was two years ago) should...

Ashes of Creation examines the lore – and swanky outfits – of the Iron Lion order

The latest development update from Ashes of Creation delves into the lore of the organization known as the Iron Lion, a "fairly new...
This was not really the sort of moral ambiguity anyone signed up for.

Blizzard says negative fan feedback won’t divert the course of its storytelling in World of Warcraft

Sometimes a statement can be both the right and wrong thing to say at the same time, and if you're thinking that sounds like...
But seriously, what's Damien's deal this week?

Saturday Night Live takes a jab at The Division 2’s love of talking at you

Sometimes you just can't get an NPC to shut up in a video game. Sometimes you can't get multiple NPCs to shut up. And...

Overwatch announces its upcoming Archives event, Storm Rising, with new lore teasers

(We've updated the end of this piece with the formal announcement.) The folks at Blizzard have dropped a pair of mysterious Overwatch lore...

EVE Evolved: Big things are happening in EVE Online this spring

There's a lot going on in EVE Online right now, from the insane storyline playing out right now in-game and new Triglavian ships...
So... we cool, huh? We cool?

Wisdom of Nym: Thoughts on the end of Final Fantasy XIV’s 4.x story

So now we've gotten the ending. And... gosh, sometimes these patches really do not merit splitting up, which is kind of the case for Final...
And ANOTHER goddamn thing!

Wisdom of Nym: All of the shards in Final Fantasy XIV

Look, the date of this article is a complete coincidence. Obviously, we're going to the First in Final Fantasy XIV's next expansion. We know...
Our house in the middle of our street.

Crowfall details the random encounters players will have with War Tribes

The point of the various time-limited worlds in Crowfall is, in part, that players are fighting for victory in the remnants of dying worlds....
But how bad are we talking, here?

Final Fantasy XIV prepares for the third expansion with patch 4.56

We know that the third expansion of Final Fantasy XIV is sending us into the Light-suffused First, a chance for us to do our...

Ascent: Infinite Realm looks into the lore behind its factions, the Vulpin and the Ontari

New information about Bluehole Studio's upcoming steampunk-fantasy MMO Ascent: Infinite Realm continues to slowly trickle out, this time with a bit...