Final Fantasy XIV’s Naoki Yoshida talks about PvP design, deific lore, and characterization

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Players are loving the new Duty Support feature in Final Fantasy XIV according to Naoki Yoshida. A recent interview with the producer and director from a Japanese site has received an unofficial fan translation, and Yoshida mentions that in Japan in particular a lot of new people have come to the game and been surprised at how much they’re enjoying it. That alone validates his decision to include it in the rest of the game. But Yoshida’s interview covers a lot of topics, including how surprised he is at the fan response to the deities seen in the Aglaia raid, including how much fan art has been produced. (He also notes that Nald’thal’s “scales” mechanic had to be changed multiple times.)

Yoshida also talks about how the team had been careful writing the Scions in patch 6.1, pushing to make the reunions with these characters feel warm and welcome even when they could be more snarky. He also notes that the most adorable Y’shtola scene was debated heavily, since the team didn’t want to break the image players have of her completely for a moment of water-based levity. The changes to PvP are discussed as well, with the original plan having actually been to include just eight PvP-specific jobs before it was decided players would be upset to not be playing their “normal” jobs, even with mechanical changes. At one point there were even some early plans for a Blue Mage battle royale mode. You can learn all the details from the fan translation.

Source: Reddit
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