The Cycle Frontier holds an Aurum Harvest event and once more talks about combating cheaters

It's raining Aurum right now in the PvPvE shooter The Cycle: Frontier, as the game's latest patch kicked off the Aurum Harvest Festival event...
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Monumental’s CEO once again says ‘nothing is off the table’ as the devs work on retooling Crowfall

Crowfall shut down last week, though it did so with a vague promise of some kind of return - a prospect that hasn't instilled...

Video report highlights CS:GO’s ongoing skin gambling problems and Valve’s continued inattention

It's been a long reported fact that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has a skin gambling problem. The height of this issue was back in 2016,...
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World of Warcraft devs discuss the Dracthyr, Blizzard adds new Chinese-favored payment options

Why should you have something like Empower spells in World of Warcraft? That's one of the questions that lead combat designer Brian Holinka and...

New World talks about playstyles and rounds up the Return to Aeternum contest

The big team race held among content creators of New World has since wrapped up, and Amazon Games is taking a moment to summarize...

ZeniMax’s unannounced AAA MMO has ramped up to 200 developers since 2018

That Elder Scrolls Online's Zenimax Online Studios is working on another major game is not new information - we've been covering it since 2018...

Neverwinter offers a Drow-related reward for players along with an interview for The Way of the Drow

Do you want some Drow? Neverwinter has plenty of Drow. The Way of the Drow is going to provide you with all the Drow...

World of Warcraft’s Morgan Day addresses class tuning and design for Dragonflight

Class tuning in World of Warcraft is something that has been argued about basically since the game first launched and continues to be debated,...

The Cycle Frontier cleans ratty caves, raises friends list limits, and discusses its anti-cheat measures

The Cycle: Frontier is once more tuning itself and adjusting features in the shooter's latest patch, meaning new content is a bit sparse overall....

Riot MMO lead still cagey about game details as he talks about career and online RPG design

While it is not the detail-laden treasure chest of information that fans of Riot's upcoming Runeterra MMORPG were hoping to hear, a recent interview...

NCsoft showcases gameplay and early details of its new shooter MMO Project LLL

While NCsoft elected to avoid this year's upcoming G-Star, it is once again revealing things on its own on its YouTube channel. The most...

Elder Scrolls Online’s latest region-centric event invites players back to western Skyrim and the Reach

One of the many events that Elder Scrolls Online likes to do is the kind that offers up rewards for players who visit specific...
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Final Fantasy XIV’s Naoki Yoshida sparks backlash over a bad answer to questions on diversity in Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XIV producer and director Naoki Yoshida has long been held up as a shining example of what can be expected of someone...
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WoW Factor: Breaking down the ‘third era’ of World of Warcraft development

We are, at the time of this writing, less than a week out from the second part of the Dragonflight pre-patch for World of...

Profane devs discuss dummies, elements, houses, maps, and alpha roadmap progress

Followers of the FFA PvP sandbox Profane have had plenty of infodumps to chew on and mull over this past summer - if they're...

The Game Archaeologist: The radically different design of early EverQuest II

Sometimes it's all about timing -- both good and bad -- when it comes to MMORPG releases. EverQuest II may go down as the...

Runeterra MMO director talks about MMORPG design and monetization in interview preview

Riot Games' in-development Runeterra MMO has been a topic of discussion for director Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street for a long while now, and while there's...

Final Fantasy XI’s Koichi Ishii reminisces on the origins of the game

If you love or hate skillchains in Final Fantasy XI, Koichi Ishii is the one to credit with them. Another interview on the game's...

Massively on the Go: Comms failures exacerbated Pokemon Go’s underwhelming raid day

Almost one year ago, the Pokemon GO community rallied around #PokemonNO, a movement spawned from players who knew #HearUsNiantic would fall on deaf ears. Well,...

CEO of Platinum Games on Babylon’s Fall: ‘Live service games are definitely something we do want to do’

Ultimately, Babylon's Fall went about as badly as a live-service game could conceivably go. It launched to poor reviews and reception, never convinced a...