Diablo IV boss discusses whether season 4 constitutes a whole new game

If I had a nickel for every time a game dev or a gamer insisted that a patch to a game constituted a whole...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO dev deserves sainthood for putting up with us MMO players?

The other day, Justin and I were joking about the Allan "Orion" Maki interview that turned out to be a massive three-hour affair. Orion...

Roblox walks back statements that children earning money is a ‘gift’ and not exploitation of labor

Roblox's PR department has found itself in the unenviable position of providing cover for some dumb nonsense an executive said at GDC this year....

KingsIsle announces Wizard101 single-player spinoff Ravenwood Academy

If you've ever wanted to dive back into the Wizard101 world without actually being in Wizard101, now is your time, as this morning KingsIsle...

Three-hour LOTRO dev interview looks at the past and future of this MMO

If you got to sit down for three hours with one of the key developers of your favorite MMO, what would you talk about?...
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Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV isn’t easier, but it also is

So it was about half a month ago when Final Fantasy XIV fans translated an interview with producer and director Naoki Yoshida talking about...

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer admits massive layoffs were due in part to gaming’s ‘lack of growth’

Ever since Microsoft announced a wave of layoffs that would affect 1,900 people - over 800 of whom work for Activision-Blizzard - the officially...

NCsoft’s Throne & Liberty has been out in Korea for 100+ days, with still no news on the global launch

Yesterday's Battle Crush announcement from NCsoft reminded me that we still don't have any fresh news on the state of Throne and Liberty's western...

Super Mario Maker community races to beat every level before the servers close

Right now there's a race on that's drawing ever more attention -- and it may come down to the wire. For the past six years,...
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Final Fantasy XI’s developers talk about the process of creating the Voracious Resurgence

The Voracious Resurgence was already the post-coda story content for Final Fantasy XI. After the game had already received its last story update, we...

Final Fantasy XIV’s Naoki Yoshida discusses making the game less stress-free, according to new interview

There's always a delicate balancing act between reducing the amount of tedious busywork necessary in a video game and keeping the game fun. A...

First impressions: Final Stand Ragnarok is not Camelot Unchained, but it’s a fun romp anyway

At the top of 2020, when City State Entertainment's Mark Jacobs first announced Final Stand Ragnarok - called Project Colossus back then - it...

Wisdom of Nym: So how are we going to sort out Final Fantasy XIV’s Vana’diel crossover?

There is an odd relationship between Final Fantasy XIV and crossovers. There are, broadly, three categories of crossover that the game has engaged in. The...

The MOP Up: Myth of Empires pumps out even more servers

The freshly released Myth of Empires rolled out yet another batch of New Era servers this past weekend with realms in Oceania, Asia, Europe,...

Dune Awakening: Religion yes, player messiahs no

With Dune Part 2 in theaters and Funcom kicking Dune Awakening's hype into high gear, it's hard not to be swept up in the...

Hey game devs, stop namedropping Star Wars Galaxies and make a spiritual successor

If you're an MMORPG gamer who watches the mainstream gaming space, you probably know that most gaming sites take any opportunity they can get...

The MOP Up: Lost Skies gets downright cozy inside of its ships

Lost Skies' February dev blog showed off some UX work, early prototypes of its weapon damage system, and some super-cozy ship interior concepts. Also, the...

Funcom’s Dune Awakening MMO is finally promising trailers and hype as Dune 2 hits theaters

Throughout the length of the Dune MMORPG's development, it's seemed weird that Funcom and Tencent didn't push harder to link the game more directly...
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Xbox’s Phil Spencer insists Microsoft’s mass-layoffs position it for future growth, somehow

Everyone just loves Phil Spencer these days, right? Oh, right, all the layoffs. Probably not, then. But according to a recent interview with Game...
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Wisdom of Nym: What the hey is up with Final Fantasy XIV’s Xbox pricing?

In another theoretical timeline, there's a place where Final Fantasy XIV really would have stepped in it when it subtly noted that the game's...