Rumor: Guild Wars 2’s next expansion name appears to have leaked thanks to Steam and the USPTO

Llook out, Llary! It's the llandlllord!

Awww, we were hoping the days of Guild Wars 2 leaks were finally past us, but this latest leak – purportedly of the next GW2 expansion – appears to be a Steam snafu rather than a malicious slip from a closed-testing player seeking clout.

We’re tucking the name in spoiler code right here so you can stay blissfully unaware if you choose.

Click to reveal spoiler
The name is supposedly Secrets of the Obscure.

Players are naturally suspicious, as they should be, given the prevalence of fakery in the leak business; some folks even insisted it was some sort of AI fake.

But in this case, the name has been picked up by SteamDB (as the name of a GW2 DLC rewards package) and on the US Trademark Office website (application filed this past March by “Secret River Enterprises, LLC,” which appears to be NCsoft’s subsidiary and uses one of the same attorneys NCsoft has in the past for such filings – we checked).

Of course, it’s still possible NCsoft filed this vague and loaded name to throw everyone off the scent of the real name. Either way, there’s now more to speculate about – and there shouldn’t be long to wait.

Source: Reddit, USPTO, SteamDB. Cheers, Kieran!
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