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The Stream Team: Squelching ruinous rumors in Guild Wars 2

After thinking the human participation in the Guild Wars 2 world-wide summit was in the bag, Massively OP's MJ discovered that Queen Jennah's attendance...
Darky Dark-Dark

Subreddits for FFXIV, Guild Wars 2, WoW, and more MMORPGs plan blackout protests over Reddit’s API access changes

If the subreddit feeds you follow seem especially on-fire recently, it's not just because it's a Tuesday; it's because many Reddit communities are angry...

The Daily Grind: What is your favorite non-minipet pet in an MMO?

I've mentioned in the past that it took me a long, long time in MMOs before I became a "pet" person, largely because pet...
Yeah, we're getting into the stones here.

Storyboard: Managing the escalating stakes in MMO storytelling

Everyone who has at least passing familiarity with stories, whether they be in MMOs or elsewhere, roleplayed or canonical, realizes that stories need stakes....
Die mad about it.

Guild Wars 2 is giving everyone free rainbow wings to celebrate Pride Month

It's the start of June, and that means Pride Month is here once again for everyone who celebrates. And what better way to celebrate...

Guild Wars 2’s Dragon Bash is coming next week

Some games may be co-opting dragons for fun and profit these days, but we all know that Guild Wars 2 is where dragons go...

Massively on the Go: Top 5 features location-based games need use more

In our last Massively on the Go, we talked about the top five features location-based games keep using but shouldn't. The genre is relatively...

The Stream Team: Gathering for the summit in Guild Wars 2

Bringing together Tyria's leaders for a summit to face a world-wide threat in Guild Wars 2? In some cases, Massively OP's MJ thinks that...
See, that's the joke of the name.

Perfect Ten: 10 old MMO promises that never happened

Developers like to talk a big game. It's expected, it's encouraged by all parties, and it's part of the fun. When a game or...

Guild Wars 2’s presumptive summer expansion teaser raises more questions than answers

Following the launch of Guild Wars 2's What Lies Within episode yesterday - and you can read all about that in our hands-on in...

The Stream Team: The rampaging flower wolf of Guild Wars 2

What to do when I giant flower threatens the area? Well, Massively OP's MJ plans to pluck it! A Mordrem wolf (the aforementioned giant...

Flameseeker Chronicles: Wrapping up the End of Dragons era with What Lies Within

It's the end of an era: Guild Wars 2's End of Dragons era of content comes to a close with today's episode, titled What...

One Shots: Day one of the conquest

There's nothing like that heady feel of stepping out into the game world for the first time, taking in the sights of the newbie...

Massively Overthinking: Solving the MMO gear obsolescence problem

Last weekend, Amazon told players in a New World Discord Q&A that the expansion still on the way will essentially nullify existing gear to...

The Stream Team: Investigating Fort Salma for Mordremoth’s mayhem in Guild Wars 2

While investigating Scarlet's insanity... er, work with the ley lines, Massively OP's MJ discovered that Mordremoth appears to be targeting waypoints on the Asuran...

Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons’ second chapter, What Lies Within, launches May 23

Guild Wars 2's next living story chapter is officially launching a week from today on May 23rd. It's called What Lies Within and will...

NCsoft Q1 2023: NCsoft confirms Throne & Liberty’s delay to back half of 2023

NCsoft's Q1 2023 financials have arrived, and it wasn't the best quarter for the Korean gaming giant, which saw both mobile and PC games...

The Stream Team: Guild Wars 2’s Entanglements

In Guild Wars 2's Living World Season 2, MassivelyOP's MJ has been learning more about her former foe, Scarlet, as well as finding more...

Flameseeker Chronicles: What we learned (and didn’t) from Guild Wars 2’s spring 2023 roadmap

The most nerve-wracking thing about being an MMORPG player is uncertainty. MMO players don't like change, and when a change is teased, many of...

Eden Eternal has relaunched with a side order of NFTs and a delay on Steam

It's re-launch day for Eden Eternal, and if you haven't been following along, well sit back because we're about to do a recap, and...