Lord of the Rings Online rolls the servers back after a day of downtime following anniversary patch


(We’ve updated with the latest rollback info at the end.)

What was set up to be an amazing day for Lord of the Rings Online players ended up with all of them staring at a launcher that denied them entry. That’s because Standing Stone Games took the game down shortly after starting its anniversary celebrations thanks to numerous reports of missing Rune-keeper legendary item satchels.

The MMO was taken offline shortly after coming back from normal maintenance, which also unlocked all of Update 33’s content. Throughout the rest of yesterday, the studio kept informing players that the game was going to stay down while the problem was investigated. This stretched on well into the evening, at which point SSG said that it hoped to return LOTRO to service this morning.

“We are currently working to reopen the game worlds, and we expect to be able to reopen the worlds tomorrow morning (Thursday, April 21st Eastern Daylight Time.) We will have more information in about 12 hours,” the studio posted overnight. We’ll update here once SSG has made that morning announcement as the game is still down as we type this.

Source: LOTRO. Thanks Yrys!
SSG’s made the promised statement, and it basically entails a rollback. Do note that it was published on April 21st but sounds as if it was written on the 20th as it refers to yesterday as today several times.

“The game worlds were brought down on Wednesday, April 20th to correct an issue with some Rune-keeper satchels not appearing in inventory. We have rolled back the game worlds to an earlier state from this morning. Please note that your game world progress is back to the state it was as of 7:00 AM Eastern (-4 GMT) this morning. Rune-keeper characters will see their proper items after logging into the game world. We apologize for today’s issues. Players who made purchases in the LOTRO Store after 7:00 AM Eastern through the worlds being brought down today will see their purchases automatically refunded over the next 24 hours. If you previously claimed your 15th Anniversary gifts you will receive them again when you next log in.”

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