Conan Exiles was forced to roll back 780 official servers thanks to bugged thrall decay

It's hard to make good help become your thrall in Conan Exiles these days, but a decay timer update applied for the summer was...
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Destiny 2’s borked patch has already caused a day and night of downtime – and a rollback

Destiny 2 players are... actually probably playing something else right now, if my own spouse is any guide, as the game suffered a nasty...
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The Division 2 rolls back player progress over XP bug

A bad bug in The Division 2 that caused players to advance too quickly in their levels has prompted Ubisoft to take action of...

Lord of the Rings Online rolls the servers back after a day of downtime following anniversary patch

(We've updated with the latest rollback info at the end.) What was set up to be an amazing day for Lord of the Rings Online...
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Old School RuneScape launches and then immediately rolls back its Leagues III event

Today was the much-vaunted launch of Old School RuneScape's Leagues III event, a seasonal progression event in which players are challenged to take on the...

Valorant’s latest patch ends up a ‘technical nightmare’ and earns a rollback

You know it's not a good patch week when the game's studio comes right out and admits that the release has been a "technical...

DDO Wayfinder players are getting even more boosts and refunds following three-week rollback

Last week, Dungeons and Dragons Online players were dismayed to learn that they hadn't quite escaped all the horrors of the LOTRO downtime last...

LOTRO and DDO re-enables character transfers, Wayfinder suffers three-week rollback [Updated]

We've got a bit of good news, bad news, and really bad news for those looking to hop servers in Lord of the Rings...
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Fallout 76 rolls back some challenge completion due to auto-complete bugs

Sometimes you lose a bit of progress in an MMO. It sucks, but it happens. It sucks even more when that progress is related...

The Daily Grind: If you had your way, what one MMO patch in history would you roll back?

Rollbacks are in the news lately, and not for great reasons - some Guild Wars 2 players did indeed lose hours of time played...
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Guild Wars 2 hands out free mount skins to players who lost playtime in the EU rollbacks

Earlier this week, Guild Wars 2 players in the EU were dismayed to realized that an unintentional rollback of their server cluster had cost...

Guild Wars 2 has restored the EU servers to Monday morning after multiday rollback

Yesterday, we covered the Guild Wars 2 community's many reports across Reddit and the official forums that the game had suffered a major rollback...

Guild Wars 2’s EU server cluster suffered a multiday rollback this weekend

Back when I first started in MMOs, rollbacks were a daily occurrence, quite literally. Not only was the server likely to crash at least...

TERA is rolling back all progress since yesterday’s patch thanks to a nasty economy exploit

Yesterday's TERA Skywatch: New Heights update brought along a bit more than En Masse bargained for, and now the servers will see a rollback...

Economy-breaking Old School RuneScape bug results in unprecedented server rollback

Old School RuneScape had a bit of a hiccup this week as the game was suddenly taken offline to allow Jagex to investigate a...

Dark and Light apologizes for rollbacks following the ice caves patch

Nobody wants to see the word "rollback" associated with a game, including the designers. You can tell that the staff behind Dark and Light...
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Albion Online updates players on server issues and offers compensation

Every game is going to have issues when it launches; the good ones acknowledge those issues and keep players updated on the state of...
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Guild Wars 2 suffers technical difficulties, pushes out gifts following rollback

If you're logging into Guild Wars 2 today, expect a bit of weirdness. Yesterday's patch caused a soulbinding glitch that took the servers offline and...

Guild Wars 2’s servers suffer rollback, downtime

ArenaNet announced this afternoon that it must roll back Guild Wars 2's servers. Mike O'Brien broke the bad news on the forums: "This is an...

Trion compensates Devilian players for lost progress on the Seadrift server

There's nothing quite like logging in over the weekend to play some Devilian, logging out after a little while, and then logging back in......