Elder Scrolls Online is rolling back a ton of NA accounts after last night’s PTS database fiasco


If you happened to log into the PC NA server for Elder Scrolls Online last night, well, you couldn’t log into Elder Scrolls Online last night. That’s because a major bug brought at least a few of the servers to theirs knees.

The thread on the official forums from players last night made the problem clear: The North American server and PTS were sharing data, to the point that things players did on the PTS were transferring to live. That included everything from making money to deleting characters.

ZeniMax Online Studios pulled the NA megaserver offline almost immediately and kept it down most of the night, admitting around 6 a.m. EDT that a rollback for accounts that played yesterday is in order. So if you see a ban or suspension notice upon login, don’t panic. At least not for that.

“Thanks for your patience while we investigated the issues affecting PC NA and the PTS. As some of you discovered, we ran into a problem where character saves on the PTS were affecting PC NA, and we locked both PTS and PC NA immediately. We have temporarily locked the affected accounts until we can restore them to a good state and will be notifying those players via email, and will be rolling back progress on PC NA from those accounts to April 15th at 9:30am EDT. This will take several days to complete and we will alert any affected players when their account is accessible again. To be clear, the rollback will primarily affect accounts that logged onto the PTS after maintenance on April 15th. Please note if your account is affected, when you attempt to log into your account on any realm you will see a message saying your account was suspended/banned. Rest assured this is not the case and it is simply how our system identifies locked accounts. The current plan is to bring PC NA back online within the hour, followed by the PTS later in the day.”

We’re assuming that compensation is also on deck. As of this morning, the forum has a banner that says, “The issue is resolved, and the North American PC/Mac megaserver is now available. Thank you for your patience!” The PTS itself is down for maintenance, and of course, you’re in limbo if your account is borked.

While you idle waiting to see what’s going on, you can check out the patch notes for Gold Road, which are online now in their entirety.

Source: Official forums, official site, patch notes. Cheers, Sorenthaz!
ZOS has another message up this afternoon, apologizing for the issues but saying that getting the PTS back online is the first priority over the borked player accounts.

“We’d like to start off by saying we know this situation is upsetting and we recognize many of you are angry. To say we’re disappointed this happened is an understatement and we empathize with those that are still locked out of their accounts. Just know we are working around the clock on this and will share more information about what happened and what we plan to do to make things right later this week. Today, the first priority is getting the PTS back online which should be finished in the next few hours. We will then focus on going through all the affected accounts to get everyone their accounts back as quickly as possible. We also want to clarify that any ill-gotten gains from this issue, such as items and all currency that may have been distributed, will be removed from the economy.”

ZOS has maintained that only players who logged in last night were affected by the rollback and account outages, but its Twitter thread this afternoon has attracted posts from players who say they didn’t play and are still locked out of their accounts.

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