Flyff Universe can now be accessed via a browser, plans to introduce a separate pay-to-earn version

Last month we reported on a new version of the classic MMORPG Flyff known as Flyff Universe, which would make the game cross-platform across...

The Stream Team: Friday the 13th fun in AdventureQuest 3D

Peanut better and chocolate. Mo and his shield. Chocolate milkshakes and fries. These are all great things that go great together. But you know...

Lord of the Rings actor Billy Boyd joins The Elder Scrolls Online cast for High Isle

Iconic actor Billy Boyd is slated to join the cast of The Elder Scrolls Online in the upcoming High Isle chapter. Boyd is a...

The Stream Team: The start of a new AQ3D Dragonslayer

A dragon class in AQ3D? Sign Massively OP's MJ up! Oh, wait, it's a Dragonslayer? Uh, that's a little bit opposite of what she...

Wandering Wraeclast: Path of Exile’s Sentinel update enhances endgame with new passives and mob modifiers

Earlier this afternoon, Grinding Gear Games announced Path of Exile's foray into in-game "pets" (with a twist!) coming with the new Sentinel league that...

Wandering Wraeclast: Pets pounce into Path of Exile’s new Sentinel league

Two things I absolutely love in games are housing and pets. And having both just makes a game better! Path of Exile already has...
Where's Glimmer?

AQ3D community manager quits after lodging sexual harassment allegations against Artix Entertainment dev

(We've updated this end of this article with the latest developments, which include the CM retracting her claim of workplace sexual harassment.) Another potential sexual...

The Stream Team: Come dance in AdventureQuest 3D’s colorful Carnaval

It's Carnaval time again in AQ3D, which means dancing in the streets wearing frocks of many feathers. And getting that new outfit is as...

The Stream Team: AQ3D’s Lore celebrates Earth Day

Whether or not you're done with Grenwog, there's a new event to celebrate in AQ3D! Earth Day has come to Lore, and Massively OP's...

Gala Lab announces a cross-platform version of Flyff, plans registration for a southeast Asia server

For MMO gamers of a certain age, the name Flyff will possibly conjure a bit of nostalgia, or at least elicit a reaction akin...

The Stream Team: Going down the Grenwog hole in AQ3D

If you thought Easter was just about cuddly bunnies and duckies, you really do not know AQ3D well! Battleon's tin-foil-hat-wearing resident Hooper has been...

Elder Scrolls Online just revealed much more about its June 6 High Isle chapter

As promised, ZeniMax Online Studios dropped a ton of information about The Elder Scrolls Online's upcoming High Isle chapter during its preview stream this...

Elder Scrolls Online lays out summer roadmap to High Isle, begins free-play event with prologue quest

Tomorrow, ZeniMax Online Studios is going to open the information floodgates for Elder Scrolls Online's High Isle during its preview stream. But hey, you...
This will probably be fine.

AdventureQuest 3D takes a victory lap for past releases, promises new saga and early level updates in the future

What's the state of the game in AdventureQuest 3D? Allow the game's project manager Blaze to tell you all about it as he recounts...

The Stream Team: Loving some AdventureQuest 3D live events

It looks like there are two live events in AQ3D tonight, and Massively OP's MJ is excited to  participate! The first is a live...

MassivelyOP’s guide to 13 MMORPGs that you can play on Macs

Until I got my first Macbook this past December, I admit that I never really paid attention to what MMOs could be played on...

The Stream Team: April Fowls and chickencows in AdventureQuest 3D

It's April Fools' Day, and where can MassivelyOP's MJ have the most fun as a fool? Why, in AQ3D, of course! And it's even...

The Stream Team: Saturday shenanigans in AdventureQuest 3D

Saturdays are meant for shenanigans, and what better place for shenanigans than AQ3D? Massively OP's MJ will spend her Saturday evening bounding throughout Lore,...

The Stream Team: TGIF in AQ3D

No matter how life gets, sometimes simple letters just make you feel better -- like TGIF and AQ3D! And putting the two acronyms together...
What... what do we do now.

Path of Exile plans to test PC controller support in patch 3.17.3

You can play Path of Exile on a controller... on consoles. That seems a little unfair, doesn't it? If you really prefer playing with a...