The Stream Team: Roaming around AQ3D’s Red Monastery and the Crypts of Misery

Last week, Massively OP's MJ started the raid on AQ3D's Red Monastery in the Nulgath Saga Part II. There, she listened to the confessions...

The Stream Team: Raiding the Red Monastery in AQ3D’s Nulgath Saga Part II

It's time for the next segment in AQ3D's latest story saga! The Nulgath Saga Part II has launched, and Massively OP's MJ is excited...

The Stream Team: Riddles in AdventureQuest 3D’s Nulgath

The world of red has a riddle to solve! AQ3D's Nulgath is an area so steeped in red you might think your monitor broke....

Old School RuneScape takes in feedback for quest speedrunning worlds

Last week, Jagex shared a rundown of how quest speedrunning worlds in Old School RuneScape would work, which in turn has brought forth some...

The MOP Up: Witness the creation of a Dauntless behemoth

Dauntless shared a neat video of a collaboration between its players and artists: "Back in April, many of you joined us for a community...

The Stream Team: Aiding AQ3D’s new Dragon Archer

Why must all AQ3D Dragonslayers be sword-using warriors? They aren't called Dragonstabbers after all! Why can't an archer slay a dragon as well? Massively...

The Elder Scrolls Online releases Update 35 and Lost Depths DLC for PC – here are the patch notes

Today is the day for players of Elder Scrolls Online to hop into some new dungeons or check out some new combat adjustments as...

The Stream Team: Roughhousing ruffians in AdventureQuest 3D

It seems some people in AQ3D play a little too rough; some rowdy ruffians have apparently destroyed a small village. Massively OP's MJ is...

Elder Scrolls Online drops a new QuakeCon trailer for next week’s Lost Depths DLC

We're just one weekend away from The Elder Scrolls Online's third big launch of 2022: its Lost Depths DLC, part of the ongoing Legacy...
I'm definitely an elf!

Perfect Ten: 10 MMOs that took aim at World of Warcraft

The fact that we currently have a Big Five in the MMO space is a big change from not so long ago, when the...

The Stream Team: Fun with fiends in AdventureQuest 3D

An adventurer's life can be stressful, so finding ways to unwind is important. For Massively OP's MJ, she'll be having fun with fiends in...
Where's Glimmer?

AdventureQuest 3D, of all games, tweaks Blizzard’s nose over mobile MMO cancelation

If you're sad about the cancelation of Blizzard's mobile Warcraft MMO Neptune, maybe some self-promotional cheek from the crossplatform indie MMO AdventureQuest 3D to...

Perfect Ten: 10 MMORPGs that let you talk to cats

Let's not mince words here: I am a cat person. I absolutely love cats. They are small furry idiots who make stupid yelling noises,...

The Stream Team: Adopting an adorable bank pet in AQ3D

What's better than an adorable pet in AQ3D? One that gives access to your bank! Massively OP's MJ is super excited to see one...

The Stream Team: To the moon in AdventureQuest 3D

Why should adventures in AQ3D be restricted just to the ground? This week's new release takes Massively OP's MJ to the moon! As soon...

AdventureQuest Worlds Unity opens up its Steam page, plans a 2023 release and Steam Deck launch

Most of our readers (and viewers of our Stream Team) are familiar with AdventureQuest 3D, but there is another game from the IP that's...

The Stream Team: Seeking summer stuff in AQ3D

It's summer time, and Massively OP's MJ is ready to relax a bit after her latest AQ3D adventures. She's also seeking summer stuff and...

Elder Scrolls Online puts Update 35 and the Lost Depths DLC up for public testing

Care to kick the tires of the upcoming DLC and update features for Elder Scrolls Online and offer some feedback ahead of its August...

The MOP Up: AdventureQuest 3D descends into madness with its latest story update

AdventureQuest 3D dropped a new story update this past week -- the Nulgath Saga: Part 1 -- with quests, challenges, and new drops for...

The Stream Team: A nice stroll through Nulgath in AQ3D

What is Massively OP's doing for her sixth streamaversary of AQ3D? Taking a nice stroll through Nulgath! For six years she has adventured throughout...