Fractured Online’s duping and hard drive downtime turns into 24-hour rollback


Fractured Online is dealing with yet another round of chaos this week. Readers will recall that a duping-related downtime this weekend was compounded by a borked hard drive hosting the game. It kept the MMO offline the better part of yesterday, and Dynamight Studios did ultimately clean out a reported 23M duped gold, only 6M of which was actually circulating in the economy. But the news went from bad to worse quickly, as the game has now dished out a nasty rollback too.

“We have some bad news to share, however,” Dynamight’s Jacopo Gallelli admitted. “After much trying, we didn’t manage to correct and use the world saves done after the evening (CET) of the 13th on Terra, which are corrupted due to the faulty hard drive of the server. The system that was meant to catch issues with saves didn’t notice anything because the world actually kept making saves, just not usable ones.”

“Because of this, the world of Terra has been rolled back by about 1 day. It’s just the world (houses and cities), not the characters, and it’s just Terra. @Game Master will be available to help you recover whatever is missing from your home / city. Given the low population nowadays, losses are minimal. We apologize for the trouble though and are committed to improving our reporting tools so that we can intervene immediately in the future and minimize rollback time.”

This is unfortunately not a first for the game, which has been in its second round of early access only since November; right after launch, a round of hacking led to the deletion of nearly every player-owned city in the game.

Source: Discord
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