Fractured Online suffers a nasty admin hack that sees every player city in the game wiped out


The relaunched early access world of Fractured Online has suffered something of an apocalypse as Dynamight Studios CEO Jacopo Gallelli reported on Discord early this morning that his admin account was hacked and that the hacker has deleted every player-built city in the game.

“This wasn’t done by compromising my PC and stealing my data, but via a backend hack,” says Gallelli in the message. “We have no idea what could drive a person to do something like this, but it happened.”

Mercifully, player account data don’t appear to have been accessed, and the developers seem to be able to restore player cities from an earlier server snapshot. Even so, fans are being warned that this restoration will not likely be a 1:1 revival. In the meantime, logins to the MMORPG have been suspended as the studio tries to trace how the hacker got into the game, which according to another follow-up post minutes ago could take “a few hours longer to fix.”

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source: Discord via MMO Fallout
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