Sea of Thieves takes players on a voyage to the Skull of Siren Song


Season 10 is proving to be a rather significant one for Sea of Thieves players. Hot on the heels of the addition of guilds in October comes this past week’s free content update that added a brand-new PvP activity.

It’s called the Skull of Siren Song, and it’s unlike anything that player pirates have seen to date. “The Skull of Siren Song voyage is now pitting pirate against pirate in a race to claim a mysterious and valuable treasure. At the behest of a ghostly Captain Briggsy, crews across the Sea of Thieves are taking up arms to begin this new competitive voyage,” Rare explained.

By progressing through this new voyage, special Captain Briggsy cosmetics and ship parts can be earned. But you’ll have to master the event first, and to do that, you’ll need to watch this official guide:

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