Fractured Online patches out a long list of bugs and details its crafting mechanics

It's never too late to kick out a dev blog about the features of your sandbox MMORPG regardless of the fact that it's been...

Fractured Online deploys bug fixes for monster spawns and meat ahead of a community stream

So what's the biggest problem you're having playing Fractured Online? Hopefully your answer to that question was less along the lines of "no motivation...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 389: Grinding out them dailies

Justin and Bree discuss ArcheAge 2, WoW Classic Cataclysm, Fractured Online, LOTRO's 2023 ocean expansion, and the Wizard101 hack, with adventures in Guild Wars 2 and WoW Classic, plus meta discussion on how The Daily Grind works and how game studios handle pesky journos like us.

Fractured Online’s latest patches stabilize the game, squash bugs, and close up a duping exploit

Now that Fractured Online has hit the seas of early access, it's time for the inevitable bug patching and stability improving updates that invariably...

EverQuest II kicks off Secrets of the Sands, the prelude to its unnamed expansion

While the title of EverQuest II's upcoming 2022 expansion is still under wraps, players can start heading it its direction thanks to a new...

Kickstarted MMO sandbox Fractured Online swings into early access today

As promised, Fractured Online is officially moving from beta to early access as of this morning. MMO readers will remember that Fractured Online - then...

Fractured Online hypes next week’s land rush, previews playable tiger, bear, wolf, and deer races

We're barreling on toward Fractured Online's early access launch next week, and when it's live, it'll include a feature players haven't had in this...

The Stream Team: Firing up the free weekend demo of Fractured Online

It's hard to beat the price of free, and with Fractured Online firing up a Labor Day weekend test before its early access release,...

Here’s how to join Fractured Online’s closed beta this weekend with our site key

Fractured Online opens its closed beta to the world today ahead of its planned early access later this fall, and if you've been curious...

Fractured Online releases live-action trailer ahead of its freebie weekend

Ahead of this weekend's Fractured Online free-play event, Gamigo and Dynamight Studios have dropped a live-action trailer following survivors of brutal demonic attacks training...

Fractured Veil adds new server-traversing travel system, new near-death mechanics

Kickstarted survival MMO Fractured Veil - not to be confused with Kickstarted sandbox MMO Fractured Online - has a big update on Steam to...

Fractured Online plans September 2 free-play weekend ahead of early access launch

We're just three weeks out from the early access launch of Fractured Online, and if you're still in wait-and-see mode for the MMORPG sandbox,...

Fractured Online provides a glimpse at the creation of a continent

Fans of Fractured Online who are interested in the lands of the Wildfolk race or just like to see game dev happen before their...

Fractured Online will wipe servers ahead of its September 15 early access launch

If the fall games release schedule isn't really intriguing you so far, maybe this will help: Kickstarted sandbox MMORPG Fractured Online is planning its...

Fractured Online’s latest beta patch adds PvP seasons and leaderboards

As Fractured Online's always-on beta marches forward, so does its development cadence. This morning's update essentially introduces seasons to the game - and this...

Working As Intended: MMOs that wish they were Star Wars Galaxies

"My friends and I would skin someone alive for an SWG 2," an old Star Wars Galaxies player recently wrote on Reddit, and that...

Fractured Online dresses up its website, consolidates details on races and gameplay systems

Fractured Online has a fresh new fit to its official site, and it's just dying to show it off; if a website could take...

Fractured Online’s latest beta update revamps city-conquering and loyalty mechanics

Gamigo-published, Dynamight-developed sandbox MMORPG Fractured Online has a new patch out for testers participating in the always-online summer beta. Conquests are the name of...

Fractured Online details the mechanics and rewards of guild vs. guild seasons

Ah yes, the guild vs. guild competitive scene. It's something of an expected and routine feature of PvP sandbox MMORPGs, and the in-development Fractured...

Fractured Online balances buffs and bolsters bosses in latest beta patch

Dynamight's Fractured Online continues to plug along in closed beta this summer, and it's pushed out yet another patch for testers as of today....