Blizzard is finally working on an official hardcore mode for WoW Classic


There are plenty of examples of MMORPG fans coming up with new and innovative ways to enjoy their favorite games, and one such example is the creation of hardcore mode guilds by players of World of Warcraft Classic, which basically has self-imposed permadeath mechanics and is something we offered some tips to survive for those willing to try.

It looks as if Blizzard is finally paying attention to this popular player activity, as the studio announced on Saturday afternoon that an official hardcore mode is coming to WoW Classic. The announcement is only three lines long and came at a rather bizarre day of the week for announcements, so it obviously doesn’t provide a lot of information, but it does promise that more details will be coming soon.

Readers will of course remember that WoW Classic itself sprung up because people were making their own classic rogue servers anyway after begging Blizzard to do it, so cribbing the fanbase’s ideas is certainly not without precedent. All the same, players of this fan-created mode will soon see it become an official part of the WoW Classic landscape.

source: Twitter
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