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WoW Classic Hardcore schedules self-found mode for Leap Day

It's not every year that you get a Leap Day, so why not make that bonus day a little extra special? WoW Classic is...

MMOs You’ve Never Heard Of: Flatty, Starbreak, Discovery Freelancer

Welcome back to another quick roundup of MMOs and MMO-adjacent multiplayer titles you’ve (probably) never heard of! This time around, we're pretty much going...
Something fell.

The Game Archaeologist’s ultimate MMO archives v7.0

Once again we put a wrap on another year of MMORPG news, opinions, and -- most pertinent to this column -- history. In a...

Casually Classic: Analyzing WoW Classic’s 2024 roadmap

With another year debuting this week, Blizzard was more on the ball than some MMO studios by already publishing its roadmap for 2024. Two...

Casually Classic: The seven most important things that happened in WoW Classic this year

What did Blizzard assume would happen with WoW Classic when it rolled out this legacy version of the MMO in 2019? I honestly have...

Dungeons and Dragons Online cranks out two updates, Festivault, and a hardcore server in seven days

Dungeons and Dragons Online is trying to break some kind of MMO record for cramming the most amount of stuff in a seven-day period....

Baldur’s Gate 3 will add a new epilogue and two new game modes in today’s Patch 5 update

Larian Studios' single-player/multiplayer mega-RPG Baldur's Gate 3 continues to heap on the goodies for players with its Patch 5 release, expected later today; it...

Dungeons and Dragons Online preps another Hardcore League for December

Feeling a little too coddled by your MMORPGs these days? Then book a one-way ticket out of the land of carebears and into the...

LOTRO Legendarium: What could a LOTRO challenge server look like?

Lord of the Rings Online's legendary server experiments aren't done yet. Even though it's been a while since we've seen a new shard come...

Casually Classic: Six reasons hardcore servers make WoW Classic worthwhile

The first time that I heard about the unofficial "Hardcore Classic" scene for WoW Classic, I didn't get it. The idea of voluntary permadeath...

Warframe’s Halloween-themed Abyss of Dagath cements 2023 as the year of creep

It is no secret how much I love Halloween, horror, and all things eerie and spooky, so learning about Warframe's next update Abyss of...
Sunset on original ideas.

WoW Classic shares ‘gruesome data’ from hardcore’s first week

Now that WoW Classic admits that it'll never be able to put a number other than "0" over the sign "Days Since a Player...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 435: Guild Wars 2’s secrets revealed

Justin and Bree discuss Gamescom, Nightingale, Crimson Desert, WoW Classic's hardcore servers, ArcheAge's devastating merge, and TennoCon's Warframe and Soulframe news, with adventures in LOTRO, Baldur's Gate 3, and Guild Wars 2 Secrets of the Obscure, plus a mailbag topic on WoW's latest teases.
Seriously, though, whatever.

Casually Classic: Hardcore realms are merely a Band-Aid for WoW Classic

Let's pause for a hot minute to absorb the fact that WoW Classic just hit its fourth anniversary. For the reheated leftovers of an...

WoW Classic’s hardcore realms claim over 90K character lives in the first day

With an overhaul to its PvP honor system and the launch of the official hardcore realms, WoW Classic surged into the spotlight this past...
Sunset on original ideas.

WoW Classic’s hardcore realms officially open tonight at 6 p.m. EDT – are you prepared?

World of Warcraft Classic fans best be readying their death shrouds because the hardcore realms officially open tonight at 6 p.m., meaning you barely...

The Stream Team: Checking out Astroneer’s custom game mode

The adorable fun of Astroneer with custom game modes? Heck yeah! Massively OP's MJ is pretty excited about the recent big update that introduced...

Multiplayer space sandbox Astroneer introduces custom game mode tools

As of Astroneer's update last week, players can finally build their own games just the way they want, thanks to the new custom games...

WoW Classic tests permadeath realms, indicates Classic Hardcore is coming ‘later this summer’

Things are ramping up for the launch of World of Warcraft Classic's hardcore realms in a month or so. Now that Blizzard has confirmed...

Massively Overthinking: When an MMO has everything and so much of it

Last week, when No Man's Sky released its native Mac client, MOP's Chris and I fell into a discussion about the game being so...