WoW Classic shares ‘gruesome data’ from hardcore’s first week

Sunset on original ideas.

Now that WoW Classic admits that it’ll never be able to put a number other than “0” over the sign “Days Since a Player Didn’t Have to Delete/Transfer a Permadeath Character for Good,” life in the hardcore realms are finding some sense of equilibrium. Blizzard posted a fun infographic on Twitter to share some of the data that have emerged from players throwing themselves into the gristle mill of certain doom.

According to the infodump, the average level for a player to die rests at 10, which means that a vast majority of people are biting the dust in the first 20 levels. We found out that the biggest cause of a character demise was Kobold “You No Take Candle” Miners, followed by falling, and then PvP after that. Warriors and Hunters are the most popular classes, while Humans and Night Elves rule the racial roost.

And speaking of PvP, the “Mak’gora” dueling system has turned out some interesting results. The highest such duel in the game took place with level 40 characters, while the longest winning streak for the win-or-die matches was 15.

Source: Twitter
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