Broken Ranks players have died 6.3M times since its launch one year ago

Believe it or not, Polish studio Whitemoon Games launched Broken Ranks a year ago tomorrow, and the devs are celebrating in a recap post...

Black Desert Console adds ‘cloud accessories’ as BDO Mobile celebrates third birthday

Black Desert Mobile is riding high after its big release last week, and Black Desert PC launched its first Arena of Solare season yesterday....

Star Wars: The Old Republic players racked up over 158 billion conquest points in 2022

Star Wars: The Old Republic may have seen one of its sparser years of content in 2022, but that doesn't mean the community was...
Nothing to give.

New World publishes silly and bizarre statistics from 2022, including bunny deaths and cow milking

Did you think that the game wasn't watching when you fell flat on your face or got taken out by a level 2 sheep?...
Classic barb wire gun.

Fallout 76 posts a retrospective for updates and player stats

It's been another year in Appalachia for Fallout 76 players, and it's been an eventful one at that. Naturally, the team behind the game...

New World players average 110 minutes per play session according to Amazon’s infographic

Amazon must be feeling pretty pleased with itself, seeing as how it's turning around New World's playerbase slump just as the game is turning...

Colony-building MMO SEED outlines playtest plans for the rest of 2022

It's been some time since we've gotten some major news out of SEED, the colony-building sandbox MMO from developer Klang Games that we first...

New World players really liked the Summer Medleyfaire’s guitars

You're probably curious how we got to that New World headline, and no, it's not because our Vitae Aeternum columnist enjoyed the Medleyfaire's instruments...
Jade is health! Maybe.

Guild Wars 2 players have cleared 41M fractals in the last eight years according to infographic

While the crux of the 10 year anniversary for Guild Wars 2 is primarily being marked by a Steam launch and presents for players,...

EVE Online’s Fanfest data dump shows a surprisingly wide range of player types

EVE Online is going full science fair mode with the release of a whole suite of fancy graphs and data collected and presented during...

Elder Scrolls Online gamers played over 838,000 Tales of Tribute matches in June

The tentpole new feature of Elder Scrolls Online's High Isle chapter earlier this summer was surely the minigame Tales of Tribute, which invited players...

Closers expands group matchmaking, makes Mock Battle weekly, and improves tooltips in new update

Regular players of Closers are likely familiar with the Mock Battle system, a seasonal challenge mode that tasks players with beating down boss monsters...

Diablo Immortal snagged only 10M players out of its 30M registrations

Blizzard dropped an infographic last night for Diablo Immortal showing... well, some numbers, though probably not the numbers you're most interested in. Most notably,...

V Rising’s spiders are upsetting enough to prompt players to ask for an arachnophobia mode

Spider enemies are something of a staple for video games of all stripes, which likely makes it challenging for those with genuine arachnophobia to...

Dauntless celebrates three years with special quests, a limited-time hunt, and community events

The multiplayer monster slaying RPG Dauntless has been running for three years as of this month, which means that it's time for players to...

MapleStory prepares to celebrate 17 years of operation in the Blooming Forest

What better place to mark 17 years of being online than entering the lush locale of the Blooming Forest? That's just what MapleStory will...

Closers makes adjustments to Cubes and the Chip system in latest update

While Cubes and Chips might sound like an excellent retro-style new wave band name, what they are in the context of the action MMO...

Space sandbox Astroneer has seen more than 8M players over its lifetime

Astroneer has been a fan-favorite multiplayer sandbox both on MOP and in my own household for years now - five years, in fact, since...

The Daily Grind: What’s your favorite upcoming Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons elite spec?

Last week, ArenaNet blasted Guild Wars 2 players with an email infographic purporting to show their play stats for the End of Dragons betas....

Massively Overthinking: Are you an MMO skeptic or true believer?

A while back, a reader (hi Ken!) posted an infographic into a Star Citizen thread I'd forgotten all about, but it wasn't even the...