Fortnite: Pollsters and academics examine purchases, pay-to-win, and motivation vs. addiction

Remember the old adage that less than 10% of a free-to-play playerbase pay for the other 90%? A poll conducted by LendEDU and Pollfish attempts to cast some shadow on that assumption. The groups say they surveyed 1000 hardcore Fortnite players and determined that almost 70% of them had spent money on the game – an average of $84 apiece for those who did, the majority of that on outfits and characters. More than a third of them had apparently never spent money on a game before.

However, it seems to have been a self-reported survey of highly invested people who identified Fortnite as their primary game, so it’s not really a fully random cross-section of all Fortnite players; one might assume that the type of people who consider themselves Fortnite fanatics and would answer a survey like this would be exactly the type to pay into the game and thereby skew the results.

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Neverwinter counts 18M players as it celebrates its fifth birthday

Eighteen million! No, that’s not how many dollars you’ve dumped into your Steam account; that’s just about how many people have played Neverwinter in the last five years since it officially launched way back in 2013 on PC – now, of course, it counts people on Xbox One and PS4 as well.

“Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios are proud to announce Neverwinter, the free-to-play MMORPG set in the Forgotten Realms (and beyond), has officially reached its 5th Anniversary. Nearly 18 million adventurers worldwide have experienced the action-packed journey through several iconic Dungeons & Dragons settings and stories.”

Perfect World and Cryptic have put out infographic today, and yes, it includes the sorry fact that 14,000 of you rolled a Drizzt clone. GUYS. STOPPIT. There’s a brand-new developer video celebrating the occasion too. Happy birthday, Neverwinter!

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Dauntless has already seen over a million characters rolled in its open beta

If you were worried that Dauntless might be crushed under the weight of the Monster Hunter Online release, fear not. If anything, Monster Hunter’s popularity, coupled with its distant PC release, seems to be driving players straight into the open arms of Dauntless’ free-to-play open beta.

“The Dauntless Open Beta has exceeded all of our expectations,” Phoenix Labs wrote this week. “From the number of Slayers that have arrived to forge their legends, to their determination to stand against the Behemoth onslaught, to the unique creations that Dauntless players are creating — we’re blown away.” Notably, the company’s infographic counts over a million characters rolled, almost 4000 guilds created, and 6.3M hours played. Also, you guys still really like black dye.

The game’s latest tester patch fix a bunch of bugs, including issues with controllers, store load times, reputation tracks, volume, and hotkeys. Plus: “Slayers in the lobby will now probably have their hair and titles properly displayed. I’m not just the president of Hair Club for Men, I’m also a client!” The infographic is below!

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Get caught up on the Darkfall spinoffs as ex-Aventurine devs explain what happened to the original (and throw shade)

Unless you’re a hardcore Darkfall player from way back in the day as MOP’s Andrew was, you probably look at the sequels and spinoffs with pure confusion. What’s the difference between Darkfall, Darkfall: Rise of Agon, and Darkfall: New Dawn? That’s at least partly the subject of a new infographic out from the New Dawn team. For starters, you can’t actually play the original Darkfall. After launching in 2009, rebooting amidst much controversy as Unholy Wars in 2012, and toying with plans for a more classic reboot, its dev team abruptly vanished without much of a goodbye in 2016, saying it hoped the service disruption would be temporary. It wasn’t. Aventurine wound up licensing the game out to two different player-led studios, which separately put together their own takes on the game to keep it alive.

New Dawn, as the infographic touts, focuses more on group PvP than the original, with less grind and griefing and a more realistic economy and trade, as well as combat that’s less “ping-dependent.” Its most recent dev blog talked up improving PvE and soloabilityRise of Agon, on the other hand, boasts housing, no safe zones, twitchy combat, large-scale warfare, and a heavier crafting focus; it just got an update to PvP. Both spinoffs harken back to the original Darkfall more than to Unholy Wars, and both games are in a launch state.

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Overwatch climbs to 40 million players on its second birthday but won’t comment on a sequel

Blizzard isn’t being shy about touting Overwatch on its second birthday. Not one bit. And you know what birthdays call for in the games industry? That’s right: One big honking infographic loaded with huge numbers!

According to the studio, Overwatch has racked up 40 million players in its first two years. The game has grown substantially as well, with the addition of six heroes, 15 maps, four game modes, six seasonal events, and over 2,050 items.

With such a successful product under its belt, is Blizzard considering an Overwatch sequel? The studio was predictably cagey when Gamespot asked the question, saying, “At least for the time being, [supporting Overwatch] is our focus right now, and we’re excited to work on this game.”

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Grab a key for Wild Terra ahead of the holiday weekend courtesy of Juvty and MOP

Itching for something to play this Memorial Day weekend? How about Wild Terra? The isometric sandbox recently celebrated the first anniversary of its release with an infographic, which we’ve included below; at the tail end of it, the devs are teasing a big summer update on the way.

Juvty Worlds has granted Massively OP 300 keys for the entire B2P game for our readers; click the Mo button below (and prove you’re not a robot) to grab a copy for yourself!

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The MOP Up: Old School RuneScape puts the finishing touches on Theater of Blood (May 20, 2018)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some of it gets backlogged. That’s why there’s The MOP Up: a weekly compilation of smaller MMO stories and videos that you won’t want to miss. Seen any good MMO news? Hit us up through our tips line!

Maybe you’ll discover a new game in this space — or be reminded of an old favorite! This week we have stories and videos from HellionReign of GuildsSkyforgeOld School RuneScapeWar of RightsLineage MHeroes and GeneralsAurcus OnlineARK ParkDark and LightWild TerraCitadel: Forged With Fire, and Hearthstone, all waiting for you after the break!

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Conan Exiles has officially launched with 1M copies sold to date and a huge day-one patch

Funcom’s survivalbox Conan Exiles has officially shed early access and entered final launch as of today – that’s on PC, PS4, and Xbox One – having sold a reported one million copies in the lead up to release. More servers are apparently on the way now to handle the load!

You may have thought that last month’s patch – with the combat revamp and fast travel – was the big show, but you’d be wrong. In fact, there’s a huge download for the day-one patch (and patch notes) waiting for you no matter your platform. As our hands-on already previewed, players can expect the massive map update (yep, with the volcano and swamp biomes) and new Derketo religion, plus tweaks for the Purge, the healing rebalance, and too many bug fixes to count.

Here’s abbreviated look at our best coverage to date:

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Interview: ArcheAge 4.5 Legends Return launches April 5th with dragon taming and fresh start servers

If I were to tell you that ArcheAge’s next big update is launching next month, you’d tell me that it’s too soon. And we’d both be right! Although 4.0 was just released last December, and North America has been on a six-month cadence for getting the content after it launches in Korean, 4.5 will hit servers on April 5th. Yes, that’s 4.5 on 4/5 — easy to remember, no? Executive Producer Merv Lee Kwai explained that as XL Games is putting a renewed emphasis on the Western market, North American and the European regions get to launch an update first after Korea for the first time, instead of waiting until after Russia and China.

So what goodies do we have to look forward to before the other regions? Dubbed Legends Return, this update introduces dragon mounts, two new world bosses, a crafting commission system, and Battle Balance (a change to skillsets). There are also changes to regrading equipment and the bruisers badges. And last but not least, new fresh start servers are opening up, this time with a time-locked twist. To get a feel for all these changes, I sat down and previewed the new content with Kwai, Associate Producer Seraphina “Celestrata” Brennan, and Community Manager Joe “Muzzy” Brogno .

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Black Desert celebrates two years and three million players in the west

Black Desert isn’t content to celebrate its second western anniversary with just an in-game event and some free stuff, oh no. Today it’s rolled out a brand-new anniversary trailer talking up its key points – including the fact that it now counts three million players in North America and Europe alone.

Such is the big news on the newly revamped official website, which also has a colossal infographic on the occasion. Across both regions, you folks have rolled over seven million toons, died almost 100,000,000 times, and are still obsessed with the Sorceress and Dark Knight classes. The richest players and biggest gankers per region are also exposed!

Happy birthday, Black Desert. That trailer’s down below.

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Dauntless details its closed beta by the numbers

As Phoenix Labs powers toward Dauntless’ open beta later this year, it took a few minutes to tally up some Big Numbers from its closed beta testing period. The team compiled all of these in a mighty infographic (which is available after the break in case you need to wallpaper an especially tall room).

So far, over 100,000 testers have dipped into Dauntless’ beta, creating 869,000 characters in the process. Amusingly, the giant behemoths of the game are winning: Only 4 million of them have been slaughtered, whereas they have managed to stomp out 7.5 million characters.

Phoenix Labs also shared the growth of its studio over the past five years. Following the foundation in 2014 with three leaders, the team has grown to 58 with 12 new hires this year alone. The studio is planning to expand from Vancouver to San Mateo, California.

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332,000 pirates board Sea of Thieves’ closed beta

It turns out that not only were players excited to jump into the role of pirates-to-be for Sea of Thieves’ closed beta last month, but even more people were eager to watch them do it.

According to an infographic boasting about the CBT’s big numbers, the closed beta included 332,052 pirates, treasure hunters, and buccaneers. Collectively, that group clocked in over two million hours of playtime.

Rare noted that the game topped out as the #1 title on Twitch with the most live viewers. With 25,563 players streaming and posting their content and an average of 104,240 viewers during that period, Rare calculated that nearly 14.5 million hours of the closed beta were viewed by fans.

Sea of Thieves has a little over a month and a half to go before it launches on March 20th for both Xbox One and PC. Get a bit more hyped for this title by watching a brief video below on its distinctive art style!

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SMITE 5.1 is a virtual do-over for the Conquest map

SMITE’s massive 5.1 patch is live today on PC, complete with the heavily overhauled and graphically updated Conquest map. There’s a new tutorial for the map, remodeled characters, an expanded map size, better jungle layout, improved pacing – it’s a ground-up revamp. Do note that Hi-Rez has been hotfixing today (yes, that’s why Thoth was unplayable). Valentine’s day goodies and new skins abound as well.

Consolers, you’ll be waiting another week for your taste of 5.1. Check out the epic player-made infographic below for the full run-down!

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