Guild Wars 2’s sixth End of Dragons elite spec is the Elementalist’s Catalyst

This was kind of neat, at least.

ArenaNet has just unveiled its sixth End of Dragons elite spec for Guild Wars 2, the third this week: It’s the hammer-wielding Elementalist known as the Catalyst.

“Catalysts were casters from a bygone era, working to protect Cantha and the throne from enemy threats. They wielded intricate apparatuses called spheres that were used as conduits to channel their immense power. This technology has been revitalized once again—with a couple of improvements! Catalysts imbue ancient magics into their jade tech spheres, calling upon imagery from all over Tyria to concentrate into a powerful burst of elemental energy. The catalyst is primarily a damage dealer that is adept at controlling areas of the battlefield. After building up elemental energy through combat, it can be expended to deploy and maintain the Jade Sphere, creating an area of power that bolsters allies and damages enemies. Wielding a hammer, the catalyst gains access to a mix of midrange and close-range abilities, allowing it to adapt to the situation at hand.”

As we’ve previously noted, players will be able to test out the Catalyst, along with the Revenant’s Vindicator and the Warrior’s Bladesworn, next week during the next End of Dragons beta. We’ll see the last three elite specs before the third beta, which is slated for the end of October.

The video’s a fun one even if you’re not planning to play a Catalyst as it once again gives us a flash of combat in a Canthan setting against Canthan naga.

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