guild wars 2

Official Site: Guild Wars 2
Studio: ArenaNet/NCsoft
Launch Date: August 28, 2012
Genre: Fantasy Hybrid Themepark
Business Model: Hybrid B2P (Cash Shop, No Sub, Paid Expansions)
Platform: PC

Guild Wars 2 details this year’s Halloween festivities in Red Bull interview

Halloween is coming to the lands of Tyria, and the folks over at Red Bull have sat down with ArenaNet Team Lead...
Yes, this is one such alt.

Perfect Ten: Ten MMO systems that encourage alts

Here's how much I like having alts: I have alts in Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XI. Two games which are...

Guild Wars 2’s Shadow of the Mad King Halloween event returns next week

His jokes always slay the audience: Yes, Mad King Thorn returns to Guild Wars 2 this year as the Shadow of the...

The Stream Team: Busting butt to get Guild Wars 2’s bunny mount

Apparently Massively OP's MJ had a lot more work ahead of her to obtain her Guild Wars 2 bunny mount than she thought....

Global Chat: Does Guild Wars 2’s newest episode reach for the stars?

Guild Wars 2's newest living world episode seems to be grabbing the MMO community's attention in a way that the season so far...

Massively OP Podcast episode 189: Time traveling to 2004

Justin and Bree discuss WoW Classic, WildStar, Pirates of the Burning Sea, Maplestory 2, Age of Conan, Fallout 76, Guild Wars 2, Star Wars Galaxies, and Trove, with mailbag questions on SWTOR, starting as a true newbie in WoW, and power imbalances in MMOs.

Guild Wars 2 tweaks class balance, adds buyable stools and resource contracts

Guild Wars 2's promised mini-balance-patch has arrived on schedule, and it... sure is a pile of class tweaks. Even Reddit doesn't...

Flameseeker Chronicles: Deep-diving Guild Wars 2’s A Star to Guide Us, part one

Season 4 of Guild Wars 2 Living World has been a solid addition to the episodic narrative that drives the game's content development in...
Goes boom and stuff.

The Daily Grind: What MMO still needs legacy servers?

2018 has seemed like the year of the legacy/vanilla MMO server, thanks to not just World of Warcraft but RIFT and

Torchlight Frontiers gets inspired by Guild Wars 2 for horizontal progression

If there is one thing that your average MMORPG player is familiar with, it is vertical progression. This comes from characters on a track...

The Daily Grind: What abandoned content in your favortite MMO do you want to see return?

I miss Guild Wars 2's dungeons. I was trawling Reddit the other day when I saw someone raise a half-hearted complaint about the fact...

One Shots: Concept art showcase

In last week's edition of One Shots, I issued perhaps my most peculiar challenge yet. I asked readers (for once) not to submit any...

Guild Wars 2 plans balance patch, addresses lockbox regulation as armor crafting woes continue

We've got a bunch of scattered Guild Wars 2 news to cap off the week! First up: the balance patch. Unfortunately, in...

Guild Wars 2’s community debates the (unintentionally?) high cost of new living world armor

Hey economy fiends. Got a fun one for you over in Guild Wars 2 this week. You'll recall that last week's living world...

ArenaNet confirms Belgian Guild Wars 2 gem-purchasing blockade

Remember how players raised the alarm in Guild Wars 2 that Belgian players were being blocked from purchases in Guild Wars 2?...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 188: Classic-flavored Lineage II

Tina, Justin, and Bree discuss Guild Wars 2, Red Dead Online, Lineage II Classic, Secret World Legends, Bless Online, World of Warcraft, and LOTRO, with a mailbag discussion on feeling unwelcome in MMORPGs and a rundown on site bugs we've smooshed.

Guild Wars 2: Belgian players report gem-buying block, plus more on the bubble tea bans

If you're a Belgian gamer, you should probably take a peek at your Guild Wars 2 account. Multiple Redditors and forumgoers...
I'm important!

Vague Patch Notes: Trickle-down metagames in MMORPGs

A while back, there was an interesting set of data coming out of a discussion about Overwatch. The discussion was about the concept...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 187: The raid in our stars

Justin and Bree discuss Guild Wars 2's new living world episode, Boundless, EverQuest II, Blizzard, Warframe, EVE Online, SWTOR, the petition to save WildStar, and our big site revamp.

Flameseeker Chronicles: First impressions of Guild Wars 2’s A Star to Guide Us

We've had just enough time to digest that epic trailer, and now A Star to Guide Us is live. This is the fourth episode...