guild wars 2

Official Site: Guild Wars 2
Studio: ArenaNet/NCsoft
Launch Date: August 28, 2012
Genre: Fantasy Hybrid Themepark
Business Model: Hybrid B2P (Cash Shop, No Sub, Paid Expansions)
Platform: PC

GeForce NOW lets game publishers opt-in, Guild Wars 2 and Albion Online decide to opt-out

The stumble-stepped release of Nvidia's cloud-based games service GeForce NOW is having another wobbling point. Nvidia has elected to let game developers and publishers...

Elder Scrolls Online’s Greymoor, Phantasy Star Online 2 PC struggle during launch week

If you thought Guild Wars 2's No Quarter was going to be the release champion of this big-launch MMO week, you deserve a...

Perfect Ten: Unconventional MMORPG magic classes

Earth. Fire. Air. Water. These elements are all well and good if you want to summon Captain Planet for some reason, but they...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 273: ArcheAge Unraveled

Justin and Bree discuss ArcheAge Unchained, PSO2 PC, Elder Scrolls Online's Greymoor, Guild Wars 2's No Quarter, EverQuest, Daybreak, Sea of Thieves, and EVE Echoes, with adventures in SWG Legends, LOTRO, ESO, and Fallout 76, plus mailbag topics on rogue server security and digital rights.

Choose My Adventure: Taking the new Warbird for a spin in Star Trek Online

It was unanimous: We were meant to be Romulans and continue with the storyline that we were following in Star Trek Online. The...

Flameseeker Chronicles: First impressions of Guild Wars 2’s No Quarter

After March’s relatively lightweight release, Steel and Fire, a lot of Guild Wars 2 players were expecting something big from this month’s release,...

Guild Wars 2 will make its upcoming 3v3 mini-season a little bit shorter

Guild Wars 2 PvP'ers have perhaps noticed a bit of a lull in regards to information on when the next 3v3 mini-season is...

Guild Wars 2 dev discusses the game’s community, evolution, and future updates

ArenaNet Content Design Lead Andrew Gray recently took a few moments to answer some questions about the past, present, and future of

Battle Bards Episode 169: Wild Things

Do you ever walk on the wild side in MMOs? Do you have a penchant for beastly races that aren’t merely reskinned humans? Then...

One Shot: Wedding bells

The other day I showed my kids our wedding video, and while we watched it I was reminded how much sheer work it took...

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Justin and Bree discuss Fallout 76, WoW China, MMO financials, Dragon's Prophet, Guild Wars 2, and Aion, with adventures in SWG Legends and Elder Scrolls online, plus mailbag topics on character select screens and new classes for expansions.

Guild Wars 2 on the storytelling philosophy of next week’s No Quarter episode

ArenaNet's Novera King has emerged to pen Guild Wars 2's latest dev blog - no surprise since it's about storytelling and she's...

The Daily Grind: What MMO has the shortest leveling content?

One of the oddball things I actually liked about Star Wars Galaxies - even its NGE version - was how wildly fast leveling...

The Daily Grind: What MMO should a true MMO newbie try in 2020?

If you've ever been to generalist gaming Reddits, you know one of the most common threads is the "what should I play" thread, which...

LOTRO Legendarium: What I want from Amazon’s Lord of the Rings MMO

While my primary interest and focus in this column continues to be Lord of the Rings Online, I'm not so stubborn as to...

NCsoft Q1 2020: Double YoY revenue thanks to Lineage 2M, Tencent to pub Guild Wars 2 in China

Business is booming over in NCsoft's world, though it's not because of its western holdings. In this first quarter of 2020, the South Korean...

The Daily Grind: If you had your way, what one MMO patch in history would you roll back?

Rollbacks are in the news lately, and not for great reasons - some Guild Wars 2 players did indeed lose hours of time...
Because you've got nowhere to go.

Guild Wars 2 hands out free mount skins to players who lost playtime in the EU rollbacks

Earlier this week, Guild Wars 2 players in the EU were dismayed to realized that an unintentional rollback of their server cluster...

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Justin, Bree, and Sam discuss Population Zero, Blizzard's Q1 2020 report, Trove Delves, ESO's Greymoor prologue, and Guild Wars 2's rollback, with adventures in Fallout 76, Starborne, LOTRO, and SWG Legends, and mailbag topics on MMO reward hoarding and whether SSG's business model is predatory.

Guild Wars 2 has restored the EU servers to Monday morning after multiday rollback

Yesterday, we covered the Guild Wars 2 community's many reports across Reddit and the official forums that the game had suffered a...