guild wars 2

Official Site: Guild Wars 2
Studio: ArenaNet/NCsoft
Launch Date: August 28, 2012
Genre: Fantasy Hybrid Themepark
Business Model: Hybrid B2P (Cash Shop, No Sub, Paid Expansions)
Platform: PC

Fight or Kite: Guild Wars 2 PvP – where good intentions and stubbornness meet

Earlier this month, Guild Wars 2 Game Director Mike Zadorojny had an interview with PCGamesN in which he discussed a number of items...

The Daily Grind: Has a class spec or overhaul ever saved an MMO character for you?

Thieves and rogues and backstabby stealthy types don't usually do much for me in MMORPGs. Oh sure, I play a stealth thief in literally...

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The Stream Team: MOre Mania, the second stream-athon

When you want mo' MO, how can we say no? So here ya go: We bring you MOre...
happy birthday to me

Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 just lost another great dev in Bill Freist

Not a week ago, we reported on the loss of two developers from Guild Wars 2 studio ArenaNet, a lead game designer...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 238: Ten years of free-to-play

Justin and Bree discuss DDO, Bless, Book of Travels, Star Trek Online, City of Heroes, WoW Classic & Retail, Guild Wars 2, and LOTRO, with mailbag topics on static endgames and genre labels.

First impressions of Guild Wars 2’s Icebrood Saga prelude, Bound by Blood, now live

It was just two short weeks ago that ArenaNet invited its fans to Seattle for the announcement of the continuation of

Guild Wars 2 money-making video for the ‘middle class’ prompts calls for economy transparency

As we stand on the brink of Guild Wars 2's fifth living story season - I mean, Saga - players are nervous for...
It can later become unreal, of course.

The Daily Grind: Are you a fan of dodge and joust mechanics in MMOs?

Deep in the bowels of a Reddit thread about WildStar vs. WoW Classic a while back, several people mentioned WildStar's combat as being...

One Shots: What a view!

When you're visiting a California-class planet like Risa, you definitely need to bring along a few things. You'll want to pack sunscreen, a surprisingly...

Global Chat: Fallen Earth, Asheron’s Call, Albion Online, and Project Gorgon

Is it ever too late to take a look back at old MMORPGs -- even ones that have passed away? Not when there are...

Guild Wars 2 talks up 2v2 PvP, Swiss tourneys, and the future of ‘expansion-tier features’

Guild Wars 2 PvP. It seems that you either like it, or you think it's missing a whole lot. But what does ArenaNet...

The Daily Grind: What MMOs are in your backlog?

Most all gamers know the bittersweet feeling that is to have a huge backlog of unplayed games thanks to seasonal sales and impulse purchases....

Guild Wars 2 hypes Bound by Blood, loses a pair of devs, and sees Pink Day return

Time to bundle together some Guild Wars 2 headlines! Also I get to play with a bulleted list some more. Yay formatting! Let's...
Oh, please be all right.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 237: Fallen Earth’s final glorious sunset

Justin and Bree tackle Fallen Earth's sunset, WoW Classic, going back to Guild Wars 2, LOTRO, Astellia Online's monetization, CCP's new MMO, City of Heroes, and a mailbag question on swatting.

Working As Intended: What it means to be an MMORPG

I am amused and somewhat bewildered to admit that I have my very own pet troll. He follows me around on Reddit to hassle...

Guild Wars 2 submits a list of potential WvW-centered balance adjustments

It's time for the PvPers of Guild Wars 2 to maybe get worried and very possibly get upset to the point they make...

Leaderboard: Does Guild Wars 2 need another expansion?

If you've followed NCsoft's quarterly investor reports for the last many years, you've probably seen dozens graphs of Guild Wars 2's revenues and...

Guild Wars 2’s Living World magazine teases Bound with Blood, hardmode episode encounters

If you're old enough, you remember back when there were multiple competing video game magazines, and most of them would gladly run multi-page spreads...