Wayfinder’s summer Echoes update banishes always-online and microtransaction components


Wayfinder has been in limbo for months now following the split of Digital Extremes and Airship Syndicate that saw the game’s publishing as well as development all move in-house at Airship. It’s been impossible not to worry about the fate of the game, whose updates have understandably slowed – and players have understandably stopped logged in, as the game that once peaked around 25K players is now (as I type this Wednesday morning) at 25.

But today Airship has revealed new plans for the future of the game that could turn its prospects around – or at least ensure it’s playable indefinitely. That plan takes the form of what Airship is calling Wayfinder Echoes, and MMO players will be bummed because it essentially kills the always-online requirements of the game, turning it into a co-op optional title – a long way away from a title that took our Most Anticipated MMO award in years past. If it was ever a real MMO, it won’t be come June 11th.

Wayfinder will transition from a service-based game with microtransactions, to a co-op, pay-once premium title following its handover from Digital Extremes,” the studio explains. “Releasing June 11th, the Echoes Update dramatically improves the game, as well as provides a more sustainable business model for Airship going forward. The upcoming Echoes Update will remove all in-game monetization. Items previously available through microtransactions will now be earnable through gameplay, including characters, weapons, and armor sets. Priced at $24.99 USD, this one-time purchase includes all present and future Early Access content, with the price set to increase after the game leaves Early Access.”

“Airship Syndicate has revamped all of Wayfinder’s core systems. The update introduces randomized weapon drops, armor with variable stats, and an easier process for acquiring new characters. Additionally, character awakening requirements have been simplified, and players can now choose from four difficulty levels. The game now includes traditional RPG elements like a talent system for added gameplay depth. The Wayfinder Echoes Update will also introduce significant new content, including a new playable character in Grendel, a new open world area three times larger than before, six new hunts, and more.”

While the hard PC launch (and return to sale for new players) is June 11th, the soft launch for existing players is slated for May 31st on Steam. PlayStation players will see their update later in the summer, and then by the end of the year, the game will finally arrive on Xbox – “at which point the game will leave early access and officially launch,” Airship says.

Source: Press release
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