Lord of the Rings Online goes underground with Update 40: Beneath the Surface


Who’s ready to dive back underground in Lord of the Rings Online? Well, don’t you all start whooping and hollering in agreement there. No matter your disposition, Lord of the Rings Online returns to the concept of a sub-surface realm with today’s Update 40: Beneath the Surface.

The focus of this quest pack are five sections underneath the city of Umbar, through which Chapter 9 of the current epic quest runs. These themed realms include a shady black market area, a dangerous sewer, a secretive vault, ancient crypts, and a group-centric flooded area.

The storyline is introducing more drama: “It is a new dawn for Umbar. At the request of Hármelak, the Golden Queen, the Kindred of the Coins has reopened the great meeting-hall of Dâr Laja so they can better hear the voices of their people. And yet, beneath the city in Umbar-môkh, there are some who feel threatened by this new order, working in the darkness until their plans bear fruit.”

Update 40 also kicks off Season 10 of the legendary item reward track, rolls out many class adjustments, adds five new quests at Lond Cirion, and allows for the ability to spend mithril coins to buy Hobbit heralds and Lore-master mini bog-lurkers.

Source: LOTRO
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