Lost Ark video recaps Chaos Rising, summer merges, and western skins


This week’s Lost Ark Eye on Arkesia this week begins with accolades: Lost Ark players finally stopped cheating long enough for Amazon to crown a winner in the Thaemine the First race. That’s not a joke! A team from the EU Central server took the prize.

More importantly, Rox recaps what players can expect from the Chaos Rising update coming May 25th, which she acknowledges will be a little lighter than usual in terms of new content as the Thaemine Legion raid is still occupying player attention. But the update does include the Chaos Assault event, the Hanumatan trial raid, and an elixir and transcendence boost event. She also recaps what players can expect from the upcoming merges and notes the name switch of Ladon to Echidna.

Finally, Rox teases the Magical Enchantress skins. We don’t regularly cover Lost Ark’s paid cosmetics, but this particular set is notable because it marks only the second time Smilegate has created a set of skins specifically for the western playerbase; they’ll be exclusive in our region for a while before making their way to the rest of the world. Someone else can complain about parity for once.

Source: YouTube
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