wow legion

See: Legion, WoW’s 2016 expansion

Slightly disappointing context.

WoW Factor: Narrative justification for every missing class/race combo in World of Warcraft

As I implied in a recent post about the most recent Ion Hazzikostas interview, the line about making sure that there was a narrative...

Diablo IV adds additional details regarding PC specs, early download timing, and beta content

As the beta tests for Diablo IV loom large, Blizzard has made yet another update to its initial beta announcement to share additional details...

Destiny 2’s Lightfall and Season of Defiance are officially live

It's finally here: Destiny 2's Lightfall expansion is officially live as of this afternoon, on every dang platform the game works on, along with...

Massively Overthinking: The MMO characters we want to love but don’t

A few weeks ago, MOP reader Neurotic pinged the MOP Podcast with a question about characters we want to love but just don't. He...

WoW Factor: Does World of Warcraft need more classes?

So how many classes are there in World of Warcraft? There are wrong answers, but there's more than one right answer. If your answer was...

Destiny 2’s latest trailer shows off Lightfall’s Strand subclass

Space may be a bit chilly, but Destiny 2 is hoping to heat up your hype for this month's Lightfall expansion. The online RPG...

Legendary World of Warcraft narrator Earl Boen dies at 81

It's our sad duty today to inform you that Earl Boen passed away this week at the age of 81 after a battle with...
This plan sure worked!

WoW Factor: Why is Dragonflight’s crafting not going over well?

For a long time, World of Warcraft has suffered in the crafting department. Basically every single expansion for the game has promised overhauls and...
Which way is away?

World of Warcraft posts a roadmap and breakdown of its plans for 2023

It's impossible. Inconceivable. Unlikely. But it has actually happened. World of Warcraft has actually posted... a roadmap. Granted, said roadmap isn't filled with actual...

Wisdom of Nym: The Final Fantasy XIV narrative moments that lack real conclusions

When I was in college, I met a girl who was absolutely amazing. I was dating someone at the time (not my future wife,...
There's always something to fight!

Epic MMO Battles of History: Azeroth vs. Final Fantasy XIV antagonists

Not every single game is comparable to every other game. That's just the reality of things. Comparing every Mega Man game to every Castlevania...

Lost Ark invites you to Wreck the Halls as it fights bots with tomorrow’s update

Why deck the halls when you can wreck 'em in Lost Ark's holiday update tomorrow? "The road to Brelshaza concludes tomorrow, when the cunning and...
Hey, dude.

WoW Factor: The curious treatment of alts in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

So now that first impressions are out of the way and I can focus on other things like making sure that my alts get...

Lost Ark deep-dives the Summoner advanced class ahead of December 14 update

Next week, Amazon is planning to release Lost Ark's December update, and there's more to it than a new legion raid: The Summoner will...

Lost Ark’s December update preps the Summoner class and a winter wardrobe

Deck the halls? Nay, wreck the halls, says Lost Ark! Amazon's MMOARPG is preparing one final content update for the year with another class,...

New World’s Winter Convergence festival returns today along with shell company nerfs

The first week of December means we're getting a blast of wintry air - and a chilly rollout of all the MMO genre's holiday...
Are you for real, guy.

First impressions of World of Warcraft Dragonflight, part three: Combat, content, concerns

Eventually, you are going to have to fight something in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. Of course, by "eventually" I actually mean "more or less...
she YELL

First impressions of World of Warcraft Dragonflight, part one: Direction and narrative

While it's not really what will serve as a foundational component of my evaluation of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight as a whole, I think...

Lost Ark teases December’s Brelshaza Legion Raid, addresses ongoing disconnect issues

We've got one more day of November, but Lost Ark is already looking ahead to its December update: Amazon's posted a dev blog telling...

Massively Overthinking: Changing ‘mains’ in MMOs

When I first started MMOs, the idea of mains and alts was bizarre to me. Why would I spend time on a second character...