Lost Ark previews its Summer Heat raid-centric update, says to expect a slower content cadence this summer


As teased, Smilegate and Amazon have indeed given more info on Lost Ark’s Summer Heat update, which launches next week on June 19th with “the next chapter of Lost Ark with the introduction of the Chaotic Continent of South Kurzan and the first Kazeros Raid — Echidna.”

The news comes courtesy of a video from Amazon’s CM Roz, who recaps for western players the news from Smilegate’s recent fan event. The event on the 19th includes the summer celebration gift detailed earlier this week, in addition to the new raid:

“Players will be heading to the harsh, barren lands of South Kurzan, where the body of Kazeros has been sealed away. This land is seeping with evil energy, and you’ll come face to face with former Covetous Legion commander Echidna. Echidna will be your first Kazeros raid. These are a new set of in-game raids that players will have to get through to eventually face off against Kazeros himself. This eight-player raid will consist of two gates and introduce the new allied forces skills, which summon NPCs to aid you in combat. Players will be able to enter a normal mode at item level 1620 and hardmode at item level 1630. After you clear gate one of Echidna, you’ll also unlock access to advanced honing. This new system utilizes a process called tempering, which alongside traditional honing will allow you to make progress in your item levels.”

Next week’s update also includes the whole class balancing patch released in Korea. Roz promises a follow-up announcement with even more details and “key timings,” as well as a slowed-down content cadence it chalks up to player feedback and a new roadmap in the more distant future. Amazon says to expect the patch notes on June 18th. In the meantime, the new video is below.

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