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Lost Ark breaks down the mechanics and rewards of June 30’s legion raid encounter

Since the upcoming Yvkas legion raid represents some of the most challenging content players will face in Lost Ark, a little forward notice on...

Lost Ark explains the June patch’s delay, removes P2W statted cosmetics from update

Though Amazon has delayed Lost Ark's summer patch - to the very last day of June - that hasn't put a damper on the...
All over again.

WoW Factor: How greater-scope villains harm World of Warcraft’s storytelling

Sargeras was really trying to stop the Void Lords. The Jailer was really fighting against some anonymous bigger enemy. Sylvanas was really trying to...

WoW Factor: The shrinking landmass of World of Warcraft’s ‘Azeroth’

Last week in this column, I told y'all a bit of a bluff. Well, all right, that's not true. Last week's column was about what...

Lost Ark’s Destined for Destruction drops the Destroyer and Deskaluda

Happy patch day, Lost Ark players: Smilegate and Amazon have rolled out the May Destined for Destruction update after a bit of a snag...

Perfect Ten: MMO critters so cute it makes your teeth hurt

I vividly remember a conversation I had with my then-girlfriend's parents back in 1996 about the potential of this growing "internet" phenomenon. With my...

The MOP Up: MapleStory celebrates 17 years of two-dimensional adventuring

As of last month, it's been 17 years since MapleStory first released. To celebrate, Nexon released the Blooming Forest update with plenty of anniversary...

Lost Ark previews May’s upcoming new raids, quests, and Destroyer advanced class

We're just entering the month of May and that means that Lost Ark players are going to have some new content to face, most...
Just fight the thing.

World of Warcraft’s Steve Danuser promises that big sword in Silithus is still something to keep an eye on

So, uh... hey, remember when Azeroth got stabbed with a sword? It was the end of the last World of Warcraft everyone mostly agreed was...

The Game Archaeologist: Six cancelled MMOs that I wish had launched

In my lengthy tenure writing The Game Archaeologist -- which dates back to May 2010, if you can believe it -- I've covered MMOs...

MapleStory prepares to celebrate 17 years of operation in the Blooming Forest

What better place to mark 17 years of being online than entering the lush locale of the Blooming Forest? That's just what MapleStory will...

Aion NA teases an early May release for 8.2 and its new wardrobe system

Aion fans in North America are gearing up for the game's next update, 8.2, which is set to launch early next month. What's in...
I want a milky way.

WoW Factor: World of Warcraft: Dragonflight isn’t going to fix everything that’s broken at Blizzard

I really wanted to write a different column this week. I really did. But wouldn't you know it, Activision-Blizzard had to remind everyone that...

Lost in Lost Ark’s item-leveling endgame? Amazon has a new guide for that

Amazon has a new dev blog up this week all about Lost Ark's progression, specifically aimed at new players who've made it to level...

Lost Ark teases the Glaivier and Destroyer advanced classes, might hold back some spring raid content

Amazon and Smilegate dished out more details for its roadmap entry for Lost Ark last night, telling players the studios want to "keep the...
Tataru and her muffin adventure.

The Perfect Ten: 10 MMO NPCs as muffins

You’ve all seen those memes or Twitter threads that try to link celebrities or people to food items or other inanimate objects, but I’m...
This is just how it is now, huh?

World of Warcraft outlines plans for season 4 of Shadowlands item grinding

On April 19th, Blizzard is going to reveal the plans for the next expansion for World of Warcraft. But it doesn't seem that the...

DC Universe Online’s GU122 is live with with Ultraviolet Nightmare world boss

It took a bit of extra time, but Daybreak's Dimensional Ink rolled out GU122 for DC Universe Online players yesterday. "Ultraviolet Sinestro has released...
Attract mode.

Closers adds a new LEGION Program encounter and engages several events in newest patch

Now and again, you just need a nice, quiet instance where your chosen member of the Closers roster can slap the ever-loving stuffing out...

Flameseeker Chronicles: Everything you’ve missed if you haven’t played Guild Wars 2 since Path of Fire

There are a lot of great MMORPGs out there, and even if you enjoy Guild Wars 2, maybe it's not your main game. Maybe...