Aion Classic EU brings the chainblade-swinging Revenant and new dungeons in its latest patch

Sword-chucks, yo


Swords are generally considered melee weapons that work better when they stay inside of the wielder’s hand. The Revenant class that gives its name to Aion Classic EU’s latest update doesn’t play by your daddy’s sword-using rules; he flings his blades at enemies and then reels them back in with a chain. It’s like a whip but less practical. A sword for someone who didn’t read the instruction manual. Sword-chucks.

All kidding aside, Rise of the Revenant is indeed now live, with all of the earlier previewed goodies such as the headlined new class and its new starting area as well as two new dungeons to plumb in the form of the Sunken Telos and the Red Throne.

Other features for Update 2.7 include a new 3v3 Arena of Cooperation, a Book of Legends collection system that grants rewards when it’s filled, an additional set of Moreth levels to earn for level 50 characters, a new global auction house, and an overhaul of the legion system, among many other things. The full PDF’s worth of patch notes provides all of the salient details.

sources: press release, official site (1, 2)
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