Aion Classic EU announces Rise of the Revenant patch with the new Revenant class


The EU version of Aion run by Gameforge has a big update in store for Aion Classic: Update 2.7 Rise of the Revenant. The update includes the Classic-only Revenant class – “Daeva soldiers who had been taken prisoner by Tiamat’s Legion and subsequently brainwashed and experimented on” but have now regained their agency – and they’re kinda grumpy about their treatment.

In addition to the new class, there are two new instances (Sunken Telos and Red Throne: Telos), the new Telos region, and systems too:

“Update 2.7 brings with it a newly added starting region, Telos, accessible exclusively by Soldiers (starting class) and Revenants (Soldiers who’ve become Revenants by completing special missions). Created by Siel’s Relic, Telos is a space where the memories of Tiamat and Daeva Subject 707 have coalesced, creating an unstable spacetime flux. However, the trade-off is that the Revenant class cannot complete certain campaigns in Ishalgen, Altgard, Poeta, and Verteron.

“Additionally, new systems such as the Book of Legends and Moreth, Chronicle of Time have been added. The Book of Legends system is completed by collecting items through adventures in Atreia, with special rewards obtained after completion. This can be done on a character-by-character basis. The Moreth, Chronicle of Time system is for characters above level 50. Points for leveling up the system are obtained by recording items, with 50 being the maximum level the system can reach. A PvE skill can be received in reward which deals more damage against Balaur, with the damage increasing the higher the Moreth level.”

Do note we don’t yet have a date for the drop, but we do have a new trailer and pics!

Source: Press release
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