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Four Winds: Remembering TERA’s wild start and in-game politics

Well, the TERA sunset thing caught me off guard. I don't play TERA, but I was always under the impression that the game was...

TERA’s PC version will sunset in June as Bluehole ceases work on the game

Today is the day that TERA's Japanese servers sunset... and unfortunately, the day heralds bad news for the rest of TERA's PC playerbase in...

Swords of Legends Online drops two more dungeons next week and a raid after that

Gameforge is talking up two more dungeons and a raid en route to Swords of Legends Online as part of the ongoing Firestone Legacy...

Runes of Magic is celebrating its 13th birthday with a creepy clown

If you're fairly new to the MMORPG genre, you might not realize that Runewaker's Runes of Magic was once a core MMO, and it...

Swords of Legends Online’s Langquan Bridge normal-mode raid is live today

Swords of Legends Online endgamers are in for a treat today as Gameforge has dropped a patch for a patch - specifically, it's rolled...

Gameforge begins sending out transition codes for EU Wizard101 players ahead of Gamigo takeover

During a Q4 2021 earnings call, MGI noted that Gamigo would be taking over stewardship of Wizard101 from Gameforge as part of MGI's ownership...

Wizard101’s KingsIsle sells Ukraine charity bundle, proceeds to reclaim EU publishing

One of many game studios looking to help with humanitarian relief in the Ukraine is KingsIsle. The studio announced that it is standing with...

MGI Q4 2021: Gamigo’s parent company guns for mobile, takes over Wizard101 EU publishing, ignores RIFT

Gamigo's parent company, Media and Games Invest SE aka MGI, released its Q4 2021 financials to investors this week, reporting a 65% revenue bump...

Swords of Legends Online delays The Firestone Legacy a week, offers glimpse into dungeon content

So Gameforge has both good and bad news for Swords of Legends Online today. Let's get the bad news out of the way first:...

Here’s a peek at Swords of Legends Online’s new Fox Mage, releasing February 24

Last week, Gameforge surprised pretty much everyone by announcing that Swords of Legends Online will cap off February by both releasing a major patch...

Swords of Legends Online announces free-to-play switch and Firestone Legacy expansion for February

Gameforge is making huge moves with Swords of Legends Online: This morning, the publisher announced not just a new expansion but a release in...

SoulWorker’s original developer threatens play-to-earn copycat MMO with legal action

Not quite a year ago, Gameforge sunsetted the western version of SoulWorker, and the game reverted back to the game's original Korean developer, Lion...

Runes of Magic holds a week-long reprise of its winter events

If you were too busy huffing eggnog, speed unwrapping presents, or decking the halls in poison ivy to get around to Runes of Magic's...

TERA is apparently sunsetting its Japanese servers in April

Bad news for TERA players, at least those who played on the Japanese servers: The game is closing down in that region in April. The...

Swords of Legends Online’s Forbidden Court update brings new raid and PvP content today

Gameforge has been making a whole lot of noise regarding the next major content patch arriving to Swords of Legends Online, and that noise...

Swords of Legends Online details adjustments coming to in-game currencies with next week’s update

Your in-game wallet in Swords of Legends Online is going to feel a bit lighter once the Forbidden Court update arrives. That's not because...

Swords of Legends Online previews the Sparkwood Gardens raid launching later this month

The Swords of Legends Online community has been hungry for more endgame content, and later this month, that's exactly what it's getting. This morning,...

Swords of Legends Online carves out a pumpkin-themed hide-and-seek event for Halloween

We're coming up on Halloween, and friends, if you don't have your MMO Halloween event out yet, this is it - what are you...

SoulWorker celebrates a year on Steam with boosts to XP and drop rates, special items, and a contest

A year ago, SoulWorker developer Lion Games pulled itself from the ashes of its sunset at the hands of Gameforge to a self-published return...

Kingdom Under Fire 2 is shutting down in October

It's almost time to wave farewell to Kingdom Under Fire 2; publisher Gameforge has announced that the title will sunset for good on October 26th,...