Runes of Magic hints at 15th anniversary, its next Timeless Instance, and a drawing-down of minigames

Not so much.

Runes of Magic has had a good 2023 by Gameforge’s reckoning, which is the overall report in a letter from its product manager, who takes a moment to look back the MMORPG’s past 12 months.

Much of the game’s bigger content launches were centered around its Timeless Instance I update and Helveta update, the former of which was met with “great community reaction.” The post also acknowledges things that are still being worked on, namely fixing siege wars, adjusting peak XP earnings, and class balancing matters, among a few others.

As for the upcoming year, that will mark ROM’s 15th anniversary in the west, which will be celebrated by a five week-long return of the Anniversary Festival event, followed by plans for the Timeless Instance II release. This next content update, which is currently targeted for mid-March, will focus on making new mechanics to the fights found within the Mystic Altar dungeon. The devs will also be taking down several minigames and putting them into mothballs while they get reworked and re-coded.

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