runes of magic

Official Site: Runes of Magic
Studio: Runewaker/Gameforge
Launch Date: March 19, 2009
Genre: Fantasy Themepark
Business Model: F2P (Cash Shop)
Platform: PC

Runes of Magic releases new 12-person challenge raid, Timeless Dungeon 2

Gameforge and Runewaker have surprised us this year by cranking out multiple updates and an anniversary celebration for the 15-year-old Runes of Magic, and...

Runes of Magic drops its high-level Shadows over the Altar update this week

At 15 years old, Runes of Magic has to keep working hard to retain player interest and challenge those who think that they've seen...

Runes of Magic celebrates the spring and Easter season with events running through April

It's said that April showers bring May flowers, but for Runes of Magic players, the month of April is bringing a shower of events...

Runes of Magic turns 15 years old today with a new trailer and endgame content

When I first started working on Old Massively, Runes of Magic was still a new MMORPG, and popular enough to merit its own weekly...

Runes of Magic celebrates 15 years with ‘festive artillery’ minigame as it revises 2024 update plans

Happy 15th birthday, Runes of Magic! Runewaker's Gameforge-published MMORPG is hosting a party for its players to mark the western version's new milestone by...

EVE Online adjusts spaceship balance as CSM member pivots on CCP’s Project Awakening NFT project

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Vague Patch Notes: The ever-changing costs of playing an MMORPG

It was a pretty big deal back when I had first started working at original Massively when the trend started, and I can still...
Not so much.

Runes of Magic hints at 15th anniversary, its next Timeless Instance, and a drawing-down of minigames

Runes of Magic has had a good 2023 by Gameforge's reckoning, which is the overall report in a letter from its product manager, who...

Runes of Magic promises presents from Santa Claus and fun in the snow in its series of holiday events

There are a few things that MMORPG players likely expect from their Christmas-themed events, like snow, presents, and perhaps a visit from Santa Claus...

Runes of Magic merges European servers, activates bonus XP weekend

Whenever I try to visualize a server merge, I picture a studio taking two server blades, smooshing them together, and saying, "Now... KISS!" However...

Runes of Magic brings a haunted house, spooky in-game letters, and boosted earnings for Halloween

The Halloween season stretches its candy-coated fingers across all of the MMORPG genre, including the still-running Runes of Magic, which is setting up plenty...

Tencent insists Tarisland isn’t a World of Warcraft clone

When Tencent announced Tarisland back in January, just as World of Warcraft was being yanked offline in China, just about everyone, including us, called...

Runes of Magic stages 14th anniversary events with free daily presents

Runes of Magic may not be a game that gets a lot of coverage these days, but it's also not a game that's thrown...

Runes of Magic hands out free presents from Santa every day this month

Are you dabbling or diving into Runes of Magic this winter? If so, you'll want to take advantage of the many seasonal events that...

Battle Bards Episode 218: Peace and quiet

If anyone’s ever told you to “take a chill pill,” then the Battle Bards have your full dosage in today’s episode. Exploring peaceful and...

Runes of Magic opens a haunted house, hands out gifts, and boosts rewards for Halloween

Our quest to get every single Halloween event in our candy bag continues and we will not leave any stone unturned in this quest....
I'm definitely an elf!

Perfect Ten: 10 MMOs that took aim at World of Warcraft

The fact that we currently have a Big Five in the MMO space is a big change from not so long ago, when the...
Come on get harpy!

Runes of Magic deploys a new patch with the Colorweave Festival event tomorrow

Tomorrow, the bad news for Runes of Magic players is that the servers will go down for maintenance and deploying a new patch with...

Battle Bards Episode 214: Thieves and rogues

You may never see them coming, but when the Battle Bards strike out of the shadows, you’ll either find your pocket picked, your fluffy...

Runes of Magic and APB Reloaded outline their respective Easter events

Yep, it's time for more MMO Easter celebrations! This time we're turning to the magical realm of Runes of Magic and the not-so-magical realm...