EVE Online adjusts spaceship balance as CSM member pivots on CCP’s Project Awakening NFT project


With ships and interstellar warfare being expanded in EVE Online’s Havoc update, it was only a matter of time before some adjustment knobs were turned by CCP, and sure enough that tuning occurred last week as the internet spaceship gankbox applied several tweaks to weapons and ships.

The latest patch notes as well as a follow-up dev blog offer more information about the changes that mostly fell on the nerf side of things for Triglavian entropic disintegrators, missile bonuses to several specific ships, and lowered mobility for Marauders. The balance pass didn’t always hammer things down however, as there was a small bump to the Astarte’s armor repair bonus and a new bonus for the Firetail. Fellow blogger The Nosy Gamer provides a fantastic breakdown of the balance changes.

Speaking of The Nosy Gamer, there is also a report from the blog about CCP Games’ crypto title Project Awakening, which has reportedly gotten praise from Dark Shines, one of the more influential members of the CSM who looks to have shed a lot of his earlier skepticism.

“I had a lot of reservations about Project Awakening given the nature of the tech it uses however I was able to voice those concerns during the meeting and was happy with frank conversation that followed,” Shines is quoted as writing. “By the end of the meeting I was far more confident in this as a product and the direction / vision CCP have for it and I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes. […] [F]rom talking to people at CCP it’s clear that it is a game using a specific technology, and not using a technology and tacking a game on as an afterthought.”

sources: official site (1, 2), The Nosy Gamer
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