council of stellar management

See: EVE Online‘s player-elected governing body.

EVE Online players stage in-game protests over New Dawn mining changes

At face value, EVE Online's New Dawn quadrant read like a boon for miners with mining changes and resource improvements on tap. However, the...
Oh look,

17-year-old World of Warcraft announces a ‘community council’ for diverse player feedback

Player councils in MMORPGs are a pretty old concept, prominent in games like EVE Online, Lord of the Rings Online, and Star Wars Galaxies....

EVE Pulse recounts the Grand Heist, visual updates, and recent events ahead of the series’ fall refresh

Busy followers of EVE Online will be happy to note that the game's latest episode of EVE Pulse is available for viewing, letting players...

EVE Online brings its stealth ship-centric Enter the Portal update online

If you were in the PTS of EVE Online, you already knew about the Enter the Portal update and what it was doing for...

EVE Online adds mobile observatories and begins CSM 16 voting, EVE Echoes launches exploration

Things are happening in EVE Online. To be fair, things are always happening in EVE Online, but there's some specifically new things happening, starting...

EVE Online’s Project Discovery initiative tasks players with helping research COVID-19

The novel coronavirus is still out there and it's still a problem, and EVE Online players are being tapped to help out thanks to...

Here are the candidates for EVE Online’s 15th Council of Stellar Management

It's important to know whom you're voting for and where they stand on issues, particularly in the case of EVE Online and its next...

EVE Online outlines timeline details and term limits for the next Council of Stellar Management

The Council of Stellar Management (CSM) is going to be changing in EVE Online, and not just because the 15th elections are planned. There...

EVE Online recaps contentious Surgical Strike tweaks and quality-of-life changes

EVE Online has once more put together another Pulse video full of news updates and recent information. Just in case you're the sort who...

Ship of Heroes drops new Street Fighting powerset video and pics

Hey, it's been a bit since we've checked in on Ship of Heroes, but the team is back in action with a brand-new video,...

EVE Online’s ‘free market’ patch – and new gambling system – are live

Today's EVE Online update is a juicy one for players who dip into the economic corner of the game, and let's be honest, everyone...

EVE Online releases CSM 14 summit minutes as players quibble over metrics

The Council of Stellar Management (CSM) in EVE Online has had its first summit and those who are eager to learn a bit about...
Bless this hot mess.

YouTuber examines the quit rate for EVE Online CSM members – and why they bail

In the comments of our Daily Grind on voting for MMO player councils earlier this week, Wilhelm of The Ancient Gaming Noob pointed me...

EVE Online opens voting for its next CSM and dates Fanfest 2020

Time flows like a river. Seasons change. Animals migrate. Total strangers make insipid arguments at one another online. There are things one can count...

EVE Evolved: Getting ready for the Invasion in EVE Online

EVE Online's Invasion expansion lands in just two days on May 28th, and there are plenty of things you can do now to make...

EVE Online begins CSM14 election season as Chinese corp plots takeover of Tranquility

Following the drama surrounding the EVE Online's Council of Stellar Management during its 13th season - which was capped off with the very public...

CCP Games withdraws all accusations against EVE Online CSM member it banned for supposed leaks

At the beginning of April, we covered the latest scandal to rock MMORPG EVE Online, as studio CCP Games rather publicly removed a member...
EVE Online

EVE Online’s CCP Games suggests the real-life politician it banned for insider trading might not be guilty after all

Earlier this month, we covered an emerging scandal in EVE Online: CCP Games had announced that it had removed a member of the current...

EVE Online has banned a CSM member (and real-world politician) over an NDA breach and insider trading

Who wants some EVE Online political drama to cap off the afternoon? CCP Games announced today that it has removed a member of the...

EVE Evolved: How mass surveillance is improving EVE Online

When developers get on stage at an event and start talking about things like big data, artificial intelligence, and cloud solutions, it often sounds...