EVE Online brings its stealth ship-centric Enter the Portal update online


If you were in the PTS of EVE Online, you already knew about the Enter the Portal update and what it was doing for black ops ships. If you weren’t, then you can now experience the adjustments made to these sneaky spacecraft as the update is now officially live.

In case you happened to miss out, this update is centered around improving black ops ships, covert ops exploration ships, and vorton projectors. One of the primary features is the ability for black ops ships to use a new conduit jump ability, letting them act as an anchor to other cloak-capable ships and jump as a group into a battlefield for some tasty ambush tactics. In the test build of the update, the anchor ship could only link up with 10 other ships, but the live version now lets 30 ships travel together in an invisible wolfpack.

In other EVE Online news, player voting has wrapped up for this year’s Council of Stellar Management and CCP Games has formally announced the members that will make up the player advisory board. The link has all of the details fans would care to know.

source: official site (1, 2)

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What’s the PTS?

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Public test server… Singularity in our language.