The Daily Grind: Would you play a LOTRO Classic server?


Lord of the Rings Online devs surprised players this past weekend by saying that a Classic server for LOTRO might be on the table, after years of dismissing the idea. I was initially intrigued by the idea since I tend to love Classic servers… and then MOP’s Justin brought me back to reality, pointing out that LOTRO has held up pretty well over the years, and apart from some specific class overhauls, it’s not a dramatically different game right now than it was in the beginning, certainly not as dramatically different as, say, Ultima Online or World of Warcraft then and now.

In fact, while Justin has written an entire column on how SSG could theoretically make it work, he told me he prefers that EG7 spend its coin on making the current game better. And for LOTRO, maybe that really does make sense.

Would you play a LOTRO Classic server, or would it all be just a waste of effort?

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