Lord of the Rings Online Q&A talks classic server, progression servers, and legendary item revamp

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Lord of the Rings Online’s newest producer happily sat down into the hot seat this past weekend for a round of community questions and answers posed to him on the forums. While Oleg “Raninia” Brodskiy said that he couldn’t announce upcoming dates, he was more than game to talk about a variety of subjects including cosmetic slots, improved LUA functionality, promises of a user interface overhaul, and more talk about the upcoming purchase of much-needed new server hardware for the game.

One very interesting tidbit from the Q&A was an admission that a genuine classic LOTRO server wasn’t out of the realm of possibility… for the future. “It’s never off the table,” interjected SSG community manager Jerry Snook. “It’s just not what we’re doing right now.” (Players are currently agitating on the forums with a makeshift petition, trying to get SSG to consider it more seriously.)

Another burning topic was that of the long-awaited legendary item revamp. “I think it’s coming along really well,” Raninia noted. “There’s definitely things to shake out. It’s going in a good direction and we’re making good progress on it. We are pushing for something that’s a lot more player-friendly and less grindy.”

The Q&A also revealed that LOTRO is “weeks” away from releasing the two new progression servers, Shadowfax and Treebeard. “Our intention is that they will become permanent live servers,” Raninia said.

Source: YouTube. Cheers, Tobias!

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Stormsong Minstrel
Stormsong Minstrel

Lies again. Everyone understands Turbine/SSG never intended to revamp Legendary items. Lis are – in developers’ eyes – perfect. They are grindy, they bore players to death, it all takes time or money. Revamp – make less grindy – lose money.
And now same propaganda. Same cliches. “our team is excited about N”, “We are doing really good with N”, “Our work with N is right on schedule”, “We are excited to make a good progress on N”. Pure WWII-type propaganda.
That – everyone knows – would never ever happen. Meanwhile, I am super excited to report that Dearth Star construction on Earth orbit is in good direction and we are making a good progress on it. We are pushing for something that’s a lot more friedly…


I’d try it again if a true Classic server came out. By this I mean, PRE-F2P conversion that obliterated every major guild and online friend I had in the game. Pre-content nerf, with actual group content and some difficult solo content.

I tried the game a while back on their last media push for a fresh experience, and the game was far too boring and easy for me to enjoy. The lack of adjusting difficulty (and zero attempts at balancing) is what ruined my Classic Wow experience. Oddly, Classic Wow is MORE fun on private servers than it is live, because private servers were more difficult.

Stephen Montalvo

I moved my Ithil people to Arnor and I’m really curious about Treebeard and Shadowfax, but I wonder how long even Arnor is going to last.