The Daily Grind: Have you tried anything new in MMOs since January 1?

Not to be too mean to January, but it always feels like a month that's a hangover from the holiday excesses of the last...

The Daily Grind: Is there anything in an MMO that makes you irrationally angry?

So a few weeks back, I decided I was tired of flipping back and forth between my Lord of the Rings Online client and...
All right, you live your truth.

The Daily Grind: How open are you with people you know in your MMO of choice?

When I was growing up back in the days when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, everyone was wildly adamant about being safe on the internet....

The Daily Grind: Are older MMOs intimidating for their mountains of content?

When's the best time to jump head-first into an MMORPG? That is a surprisingly tricky question when you actually consider it. Be an early...

The Daily Grind: What crap is in your MMO inventory right now that you can’t bring yourself to delete?

I'm not big on hoarding useless things, but I fully admit that in Lord of the Rings Online, I can't bring myself to get...

The Daily Grind: Has an MMO’s launch ever made you turn ’round and play something else?

When Diablo Immortal launched last year, MOP's Carlo was... not a fan. He actually recommended that folks just go buy six sourdough jacks from...
It's artistic, at least.

The Daily Grind: Which MMO has the best UI?

The UI is the point of interaction between the player and the rest of an MMO. We don't really think about it that way,...

The Daily Grind: Do you ever artificially limit your MMO character?

Every so often, the default challenge in an MMORPG may be to easy or rote for you. And so even if the game doesn't...

The Daily Grind: What do you think LOTRO’s new class will be?

Last night, Standing Stone Games dropped a huge 2023 roadmap for Lord of the Rings Online, and buried at the very end was the...
we's friemds

The Daily Grind: What’s your favorite abandoned MMO system?

Some MMOs are really good about refining and updating systems introduced early in the game's lifespan, and while they may not be perfect, you can...

The Daily Grind: How often do you change your character’s race?

In my several lengthy stints going through Final Fantasy XIV, I noted with wry amusement that there seemed to be a segment of that...
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The Daily Grind: Do you have any regrets about your past behavior in MMOs?

A few weeks ago, Justin and I answered a question on the MOP Podcast about bad habits engendered by MMOs, and both of us...

The Daily Grind: Do you like pop-up landscape quests in MMOs, or do you require quest-givers?

So I was playing Lord of the Rings Online the other day, going through Paths of the Dead on my way into Gondor. I...

The Daily Grind: What about your favorite MMO keeps you coming back?

So let's be honest: The positive things we say about our favorite MMOs to those curious are not usually the same as what actually...

The Daily Grind: Do you love or hate MMO pet classes?

In one of his recent Choose My Adventure columns, MOP's own Chris made a shocking admission: He really doesn't like pet classes. Like, ever....

The Daily Grind: What MMOs are you no longer anticipating?

There are several MMOs I'm no longer anticipating or even expecting to launch at this point, but let me pick one of the former...

The Daily Grind: What’s your favorite MMO meme?

You might assume that my favorite MMO meme of all time comes from Final Fantasy XIV, and let's not front, that game is a...

The Daily Grind: What MMO hill would you die on?

As this is the internet, everyone is absolutely required to have an opinion on everything. There are degrees of conviction, of course, and how...

The Daily Grind: What might be the next MMO to undergo a big business model shift?

In years past, we used to run a Daily Grind asking which MMO would be the next to go free-to-play, but at this point,...

The Daily Grind: Who told the biggest gaming fib of 2022?

Last year, Bobby Kotick's many fibs eclipsed everything else. This year, I have a couple of fibs in mind, foremost among them Unity CEO...