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Battlefield 2042 confirms Season 7 is the shooter’s last as development focus shifts to the next title

We certainly hope that players of Battlefield 2042 are enjoying last month's Season 7 launch because it's going to be the last: Dice has...

Massively on the Go: 10 Pokemon Go Mega Pokemon to invest now – and 2 for later

Roughly two years ago, Pokemon GO's Mega Evolution system got its third reworking, which was a major reason I made our list of pokemon to...
All right then.

Mythic Heroes new player holiday 2023 giveaway courtesy of IGG

IGG has an extra gift under the tree for multiplayer idler RPGs fans - two of them, in fact. First, online battler Mythic Heroes...

Ubisoft and EA deprecate a dozen multiplayer games, including Star Wars Battlefront II of ‘pride and accomplishment’ fame

You can either chalk it up to the inescapable march of time and technology, shrug indifferently that older games are just dust in the...

Rumor: EA will stop supporting Wild Hearts just half a year after release

This past February saw Wild Hearts, a cross-platform multiplayer monster hunting game from developer Koei Tecmo and publisher Electronic Arts, make its debut to...

Unity adds AI tools to its asset store while Electronic Arts reasons AI generation is a ‘co-pilot’ for artists

The fresh blood in the games industry water continues to be AI generation tools for art assets and writing. This time we zero in...

Studios working on Battlefield would like players to stop harassing its developers, please and thanks

The gaming community can often be described as "passionate" primarily because "frothingly and needlessly acidic about things that ultimately do not matter" is too...

Electronic Arts ends 2023 fiscal year with $7.4B in revenue, talks up investment in ‘games as a platform’

The numbers are in for Electronic Arts' fourth quarter and its overall 2023 fiscal year, and by all accounts, the behemoth is still behemoth-sized....

Electronic Arts lays off hundreds of employees as part of a ‘restructuring’ plan

Pink Easter eggs may be in season, but over at Electronic Arts, employees are filling up their baskets with pink slips instead. The video...

Canadian court rules lockboxes aren’t illegal gambling, ‘deceptive acts’ suit continues

Back in October 2020, we reported on a class action lawsuit filed in Canada against EA that covered over 70 different titles that used...

EA lays off hundreds of Apex Legends QA testers

Over 200 quality assurance testers for Apex Legends were abruptly fired by Electronic Arts this week, Kotaku reports. The pink slips were handed out...

The Stream Team: Heading into the new hunting grounds of Wild Hearts

MOP's Chris hasn't really met a giant monster hunting game he didn't like, and just last week saw a new one arrive in the...

Battlefield 2042 plans limited-time free-to-play periods in December and talks up its next two seasons

Earlier this week we had worried aloud that Battlefield 2042 might not make it to a third season owing to the fact that fans...

Six year-old Battlefield 1 sees a surge of players after Battlefield 2042 flops and work starts on next game

We've noted before that Battlefield 2042 has not been in the best shape. The shooter launched last year and almost immediately struggled to gain...

The Daily Grind: What would you say is the best item rarity system in MMOs?

Let's talk about rarity systems in MMOs! The first one I remember was Ultima Online's, and it was text-based without colors and hardly counts....

EA Q2 FY23: Live service titles are 73% of EA’s business, sports lootboxes sell big

The second quarter earnings call from Electronic Arts has pretty much confirmed what most people were probably assuming: 73% of the company's business is...

Apex Legends launches its Eclipse season with a new character, new map, and the ability to send gifts

Presumably, most of what people gift one another in Apex Legends is headshots, but as of the game's newest season, actual gifts can be...
It's less of a secret now.

The Daily Grind: What’s your favorite MMO conspiracy?

You probably don't know this about me, but one of my hobby subjects is pseudoscience and conspiracies and why people fall for them. I've...

The Daily Grind: Do you prefer realistic MMO mounts or pocket mounts?

On the MOP podcast back in September, we answered a question from listener Sergio about neat MMO features with a long-running history in the...

Need for Speed Unbound promises street style and underground multiplayer racing December 2

The latest entry in the Need for Speed franchise has just been revealed, and if you like graffiti art, hip hop style, and a...