Canadian court rules lockboxes aren’t illegal gambling, ‘deceptive acts’ suit continues


Back in October 2020, we reported on a class action lawsuit filed in Canada against EA that covered over 70 different titles that used lockboxes. The suit argued that lockboxes were breaking Part Seven of the country’s Criminal Code and used “deceptive and unconscionable acts or practices” that run afoul of British Columbia’s Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act.

However, Judge Justice Fleming has struck down the suit’s gambling argument, stating that lockboxes hold no real-world value, therefore the argument falls out of the purview of gambling laws and thus has “no reasonable prospect of success.”

In spite of the judge’s findings, the suit will be allowed to continue through the legal process solely on its deceptive practices argument. The plaintiff in the case has now been given leave to amend the suit around EA’s “unconscionability,” after which it will likely move forward.

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