Canadian class action lawsuit argues EA’s lootboxes constitute illegal gambling

We were so certain we had this.

Ah, it’s a good thing for the companies relying on lockboxes that people have completely forgotten about those this year, isn’t it? Turns out not so much. People have definitely not forgotten, as evidenced by a new class action lawsuit against EA in Canada in which the plaintiffs argue that the lockboxes found in the company’s Madden series as well as the NHL series are illegal gambling mechanisms.

The suit is far-ranging, covering more than 60 EA titles containing lockboxes including Mass Effect, Battlefield, and Plants vs. Zombies. It also notes that there may be other titles in question that the plaintiffs are not aware of, just to cover all their bases. While it remains to be seen how far this particular lawsuit will go, it serves as yet another highlight of how this particular business model has been subject to increased scrutiny over time and may have significant impact if it moves forward.

Check out our roundup of lockbox stories from the last year or so:

Source: Cheers, Pepperzine!
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