Crowfall shares more specialization changes for the Cleric, Frostweaver, Druid, and Templar classes


Last week, we noted that each of the classes in Crowfall started getting deep dives into upcoming specialization updates due with the MMO’s next beta version — you can get those briefs here. It now looks like all 11 of the game’s classes got their breakdowns, so it stands to reason that we should continue to summarize them for you:

  • The Cleric will begin with the Block skill and trades throwing hammers for a mace weapon, gets an increased radius for Hand of the Gods, has a new AoE slow ability, and gets a skill that changes all basic damage to Holy damage.
  • Frostweavers gets Ice mitigation debuffs to Volatile and Frigid Ice when the Bitter Cold talent is selected, an added slow to the Shatter Storm skill, and a stacking debuff to foes that attack the class that stuns the enemy after five stacks.
  • Druids will now see Blight turn into an AoE skill that debuffs Nature and Electricity resistance, lets Soothing Wind be used in both Life and Death trays, and gets a talent that regenerates essence every five seconds while in combat.
  • Lastly, the Templar class can get access to a blinding AoE skill, can get passive skills that reflect all ranged attacks and a stacking damage buff while in Righteous Stand, and can unlock an AoE attack that earns the class a Righteous Pip for every enemy it hits.

As before, these are just a couple of the adjustments for the game’s classes, so make sure to check each individual link for further information.

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